My tradestation not working from 01.01.2020 due to metastock data . Can anyone provide me any data vendor providing EOD data in txt. format. Anyother solution is wellcome . Please help.
@Zerodha systematically lure inexperienced retail newcomers (mostly millennials) with promise of technological advantage, in return fails to even substantiate basic Order Management System (OMS).

The way they behaved with me in the past; I perceive, this broker is suffering from superiority complex and vanity issues. They mislead with all sort of rebuttals to any rational inquiry instead of essentially finding concrete solutions to the problems faced. This once again raises serious doubt on their credibility disguised underneath their falsely purported reputation.

Visit their Twitter handle or any other public media domain; apart from self-obsessive bragging, they have not served any purpose to the retail mass, rather, has kept “flapping their connection wires” to impose misery for years at a stretch. This outright contradiction depicts far deviation from the reality – which is absolutely insane and absurd!

Incapable to cater to constant increase in retail in-flow, each and every critical aspect of their business is outsourced which creates a network of mirage. And the broker enjoys a sweet spot from which they can bully (their Clients, the Exchanges, the Depositories) anyone without an iota of remorse.

The street is aware of their common system failures – evidences circulating in social media, TV Business News channels, shows people losing fortune because of their failures. Reluctantly, time and again they have defended themselves citing conspiracy or envy from their competitors.

Anyways, I have seen the reality with them. I am an individual market participant and not affiliated to anybody. And I know hundreds of thousands like me suffered because of their system failures – some complained, some complaints were unjustly muted, mostly many ignored and moved on. Nevertheless, it is known to the Exchange(s) that this broker records highest number of complaints every year.

This Trading Member is well equipped to outsmart the regulator and other market authorities. I would like to conclude with a statement (out of several years of ground-zero experience) that Zerodha Broking Ltd. as a broker is enormously harmful for our market’s ecosystem; as of today, they are the most deceptive con-artists amongst all brokers.
So which broker would you suggest?

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