zero brokerage

  1. Maheswarra

    an another zero brokerage trader in south india??? does anyone have any views on it FLATTRADE?

    hii i found an another broker with zero charges infact i found shnoonya and prostocks almost using software from same developer and then this flattrade is also using attaching u screenshot... for same.. of all the three...please kindly post views on prostocks and flattrade..? if...
  2. M

    Zerodha screwed me

    On 30th July I was carrying positions worth 150% of my margin to 31st July. On 31st July 09:25 AM. I covered everything. I had no open positions at 09:25 AM. But at 03:05 PM, zerodha placed a cover order on my account without checking and that trade lost me 8500 INR. What can I do now?
  3. S P Toshniwal

    ProStocks - Unlimited Trading Plan and Flat Fee Plan

    Dear Members, We are happy to be part of Tradeji community. We are here to share our ideas, products, and services offered by us. We would appreciate your questions, suggestions, and feedback about ProStocks. About ProStocks We are a SEBI registered stock broker offering online discount...
  4. Finvasia


    Dear TJ Investors, We would like to take this post as an opportunity to introduce Finvasia and our products to all of you. Over last six years, we have tried to evolve and adapt to the peculiarities of Indian markets while at the same time, we have tried to slowly tread towards our goal...
  5. S

    who is the best discounted brokers

    Dear Friends , I have searched:confused: so many discounted brokers but could not found the good one . Kindly please suggest Regards Subramanyam
  6. A

    Lowest Brokerage Charges

    Hi All, I am new to trading i want to know best company who offer lowest brokerage in Delhi/NCR
  7. T

    Tradeplus unlimited trading at Rs 99 p.m

    Dear all at! We, at Tradeplus wish to introduce ourselves to you! :thumb: Tradeplus Online is the new revamped online brand of Navia Markets Ltd. and Navia Commodities Broker Pvt. Ltd. We currently offer unlimited trading and zero brokerage schemes in commodities for Rs...
  8. SmartTradeOnline

    Trade Smart Online (Smart Trade Online-Part 2)

    Hello all, As you must be aware, with effect from 15th April 2013, Smart Trade Online is known as Trade Smart Online. There is no change in the management or in the team. Were all here, as passionate about what we do as ever. Wed like to thank all the Traderji members for your wonderful...