zerodha pi

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    Fully automate Zerodha Pi

    Is there any way to fully automate Zerodha Pi? Is there any way to fully automate Zerodha Pi ? It says it could be done after approving strategy from exchange. But how? Do they provide new trading platform other than Pi ? Or it is there included in Pi ? If it included in...
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    ** Traders in Zerodha Platform (NEST, PI) **

    Dear Traxperts !! Any one trading F&O, Commodity, Indices using ZERODHA PI / NEST strategy; please welcome your post.
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    Alert in Zerodha Pi

    Hi Can anybody tell me procedure to set up alert in Zerodha Pi when certain condition is fulfilled.Say when a script crosses 50 EMA alert given, and when I want to add new script which is to be monitored for alert,how do I do that?