zerodha questions

  1. M

    Zerodha screwed me

    On 30th July I was carrying positions worth 150% of my margin to 31st July. On 31st July 09:25 AM. I covered everything. I had no open positions at 09:25 AM. But at 03:05 PM, zerodha placed a cover order on my account without checking and that trade lost me 8500 INR. What can I do now?
  2. punam.fintrade

    StopLoss Query on Delivery Script @ ZeroDha .

    Hello Friends, If I have a shares of any company ( eg - tata Motors ) in my Holding, I bought it 15 days ago ,at say Rs. 400. I want to place Stop Loss at maybe Rs. 300. Now when i go to Zerodha Sell , I see Stop Loss options that are valid only for today. ( i.e, validity - Day ) . How can I...
  3. L

    Zerodha Annual Charges

    As I understand from Zerodha's website, AMC of Rs. 300 is applicable. I am checking ledger details for the last financial year and I see that AMC charges have been deducted twice as follows: 1) 23/05/2016 JV Being AMC charges for IL&FS Demat account 433.15 2) 29/06/2016 JV Being DP AMC...
  4. N

    Zerodha; trading using moving average crossover

    I want to invest in stock market and my total investment is under 25000 rs. I want to know whether Zerodha allows trading (buy/sell) using moving average crossover strategy with out any extra charges. moving average crossover stratergy Buy when short moving average crossover long moving...
  5. N

    What is the actual profit in zerodha (or RKSV) for a 10k trade

    Any one can please tell me if i invest 10000 ruppess in stock market using zerodha trading platform and sold those stocks at 5% gain (ie:500 rs). what would be my actual profit after zerodh platforms or other charges. I know that zerodha charges 0.01% (i guess for our inital 10000) so loss is 1...
  6. A

    Some basic questions

    hey guyz i just wanted to know that some brokers are providing just 200 scripts for day trading with margin and some are proving 1500 for day trading with margin (in the eq series nse) for example: zerodha : 216 scrips with margin rksv : 200 around scrips with margin trade smart...
  7. D

    best broking platform

    Hi I am new to indian markets. I want to trade futures and options algorithmically and hence I am very sensitive to both latency and brokerage. I am told that I can start trading with omnesys but I guess I need to work with a broker. I came across threads on many broker and a name zerodha came...