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Yes. The levels are calculated based on my own calculations on entry/exit points. These levels are put to tests in various market conditions and finally im revealing it out.


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Thanks! Can you give me the link where you have revealed the calculations, please.
Hi Xaero

Calculations are done by myself by reading and analysing previous price movements. Hard to explain & reveal and I am sharing the levels for our forum's benefit.

Just check how they are and you can follow it after you are OK with the levels. :)

It is more of reading previous price movements on the screen and predicting based on market movements with pivots.
It is from calculations. I will be posting soon a "How To Read and Trade my Levels" excel. That will be helpful for everyone.

4224 above 4274-4309-4322-4367-4402-4422.
(Strong Resistances - 4322-4402-4422)

4214 below 4179-4140-4118.
(Strong Supports - 4140, 4118)

Nifty closed on a highly positive note with week-on-week basis. Weekly rising trendline is intact and making a recent new high is not ruled out. Once Spot Nifty closes above 4425 then we have high chances of testing 5000+ during June series. Since May expiry is lying ahead for the week, we expect the market to consolidate between 4110-4425 marks before breaking out. Any fall to 4150-4110 area is to be considered as a BUY. Even if Spot Nifty breaks 4110 levels we can expect a strong pull back intraday itself. Failing to sustain and close above 4110 negates this view. Downside target is placed at 3900-3850 on a close below 4110. There will be a tough fight between the Bulls & Bears near 4100 levels. 4325 will act as an intermediate resistance before touching 4425.
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4238 above 4303-4322-4335-4368-4422
(Strong Resistances - 4322-4368-4422)

4223 below 4205-4172-4140-4118
(Strong Supports - 4140-4118)

Nifty had its choppy day once again. Seeing the intraday charts of yesterday it will be evident that traders would have been trapped either side of the markets. 4322 will act as strong resistance before touching 4425. Some sort of Bullish action can be seen in the markets if Spot Nifty crosses 4322. Until then we will have the real yo-yo till this expiry. Traders are requested to trade with strict Stoplosses and apply caution. Mostly this expiry will be a consolidation expiry between 4100-4400. Sensex has its minor resistance at 14100 and then a major resistance at 14250 levels. Only if this is taken out then we can see some Bullish action in the markets. Writing calls & puts (Short straddle) is the best strategy which we find to be logical at this stage of markets.

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