nifty levels

  1. T

    Daily Nifty Levels ( Best if it can be auto traded ) any suggestions ?

    Is there a way to automatically trade based on the daily trend level ?
  2. M

    nifty future

    how can we expect nifty moments
  3. K

    Nifty Entry ,Exit ,Target levels with Median Line Charts

    Hi I trade with a combination of Median Lines and Fibonacci levels.Posting my charts for projecting Nifty Entry,exits and target levels for daily trades.
  4. R

    Intraday Tips for Friday 27 May 2011- Technical Overview

    Intraday Tips for Wednesday (Technical Overview, 30 March 2011) HERO HONDA Hero Honda has strong opening in the today's session and continues with it, but shown some profit at the higher level and closed with the gains. The stock is looking bullish in the coming time and above the level of...
  5. K

    My Profit swing trades with Median Lines

    Hi All Trading with Median lines gives very close targets for Swing trading.I have been using this strategy for Nifty and Bank nifty and had good results..Those interested to trade with Charts and prices to analyse target price, support and resistance levels will find this strategy very...
  6. N

    Trading Nifty Future

    Dear All, I am starting this thread for Nifty Futures Traders. I have made good profit by trading nifty futures with my own analysis since last 1 year and backesting shown fantastic results since 2004. I will be posting my trading level before/after (30 mins) execution of trade as I will...
  7. M

    Nifty trends for today

    Today stock market started with the positive note but on a flat note. Stock market has been consolidate today. The strong resistance for nifty at the level of 5275. At the downside the nifty support is at the level 5195-5285. Traders can find good buying opportunity below the nity levels 5200.
  8. M

    Spot nifty shows some correction in this week

    1st target for DOW The 1st target for DOW would be 34.61.. Is it possible??
  9. A

    INtraday Tips for Today

    Nifty For Next Week Nifty made the new high yesterday and also made the good closing. Nifty continuously holding the crucial support level of 5090 to 5100, until it close below one could not expect much correction in it. In upside the short term resistance is seems to be at the range of 5175 to...
  10. shoby

    Nifty Magic Levels for March 8th

    For Monday 8th the Magic points are 5113 and 5062.Below are the two levels to trade Nifty Futures.Wait for Nifty to come to any of the levels and trade accordingly. Level 1)BUY NIFTY FUTURES ABOVE 5124 S/L below 5103 SELL BELOW 5102 S/L ABOVE 5123 LVL 2) Buy NIFTY FUTURES ABOVE 5073 S/L...
  11. aravinthrajm

    Today's nifty levels - aravinth raj m

    Dear visitors, I am posting this new thread for the day traders who do Nifty Futures. Please feel free to post your replies and we can keep this thread growing. NIFTY FUTURE LEVELS FOR 19.05.2009 4268 above 4350-4483-4593-4633-4848-5000. 4267 below 4117-4028-3969-3951-3902-3837-3760...
  12. aravinthrajm

    Nifty Levels for 15.05.2009

    Nifty Future Levels: 3596 above 3646-3681-3706-3727. 3596 below 3562-3557-3511-3502. Watch out 3727. You can post comments on this levels.