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I am posting this new thread for the day traders who do Nifty Futures. Please feel free to post your replies and we can keep this thread growing.


4268 above 4350-4483-4593-4633-4848-5000.

4267 below 4117-4028-3969-3951-3902-3837-3760.

(Strong Res-4350, 4593, 5000)
(Strong Supp-4028, 3969, 3951, 3760)

Profit booking at higher levels could come. Once again a day of volatility. Trade safely guys.
Attached is 3 mins intraday charts of NF with performance.
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4384 above 4580-4593.
(Strong Res-4593)

4349 below 4146-4028-3969.
(Strong Supp-4028, 3969)

Selling is expected. Spot Nifty if closes above 4425... then no one can stop markets. Better to close the short positions above 4425 close.

Happy Trading!!!
attached is 3 mins intraday charts of nifty
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4309 above 4350-4356-4422-4470-4536.
(Strong Res-4350, 4536)

4308 below 4242-4194-4128-4080.
(Strong Supp-4080)

Selling could come. 4110 is a gr8 support in Spot Nifty. Trade safe.

Have a nice day!!!
Check out 3 mins intraday charts of NF and its performance.
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Dear all,

I am posting Spot Nifty levels from now on as I will be sending NF levels with key supports and resistances and reversal areas for my paid subscribers. Sorry for the inconvenience.

4244 above 4287-4322-4363-4407-4422.

4223 below 4167-4123-4110.

From now on performance will also be posted only for Nifty Spot.

Markets faced profit booking after a huge spike couple of days back and took down till 4200 levels. Our view is Spot Nifty would bounce back strongly from 4100 level. If 4100 is taken off, then we may face a huge sell off during last week of settlement. But probability of bounce back is more than a sell off. Markets have high chances of expiring between 4100-4500. Only a break out or break down on either side will set the trend for coming week. Asian bourses closed weak and US markets gave up on the back of bad jobless claims report. Days are not far off for Indian markets to sync with Global Indices. Watch out for good option calls.
today's performance
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those who buy or sell nifty based on the given levels,

-> do the trade only once on breaking the support or resistance
-> do not tape read (trading again in a band)
-> once supp 1 is broken, keep sell trigger point as sl and once supp 2 is broken, keep supp 1 as sl and so on
-> the same strategy applies for upside also

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