nifty intraday trading

  1. S

    NIFTY Intraday Trading - My Daily performance

    Dear Traders, I am in the process of learning Intraday trading on NIFTY and hence forth to evaluate my performance on a daily basis I will be sharing my experience, mistakes I made (so that it will help me learn from my mistakes). Having learnt how to generate calls, along with performance I...
  2. K

    Priyank's Bank Nifty day trades

    Hello, Will be posting my day trades in BNF. Its a Journal to improve self discipline.
  3. shoby

    Nifty Magic Levels for March 8th

    For Monday 8th the Magic points are 5113 and 5062.Below are the two levels to trade Nifty Futures.Wait for Nifty to come to any of the levels and trade accordingly. Level 1)BUY NIFTY FUTURES ABOVE 5124 S/L below 5103 SELL BELOW 5102 S/L ABOVE 5123 LVL 2) Buy NIFTY FUTURES ABOVE 5073 S/L...
  4. S

    Nifty view for 17.02.2010

    Market closed in positive note.unless otherwise nifty closes below 4826 market will test 4930 to 4950 zone and close above 4952 market can go up to 5050 level.
  5. aravinthrajm

    Today's nifty levels - aravinth raj m

    Dear visitors, I am posting this new thread for the day traders who do Nifty Futures. Please feel free to post your replies and we can keep this thread growing. NIFTY FUTURE LEVELS FOR 19.05.2009 4268 above 4350-4483-4593-4633-4848-5000. 4267 below 4117-4028-3969-3951-3902-3837-3760...
  6. A

    Nifty Support n Resistance

    Spot Nifty for 07/11/08 Below 2920 ... 2863, 2828, 2772 Above 2920 ... 2976, 3011, 3068
  7. U

    Set-Ups disscused & practised @ Nifty Futures Trading Thread.

    Am opening this new thread so that as we post LIVE On Mkt ,our intraday trading of Nifty Fut in "Nifty Futures Trading" thread,what happens the Set-Ups we use for our trading is some times ,not mentioned ,due to time constraint or some other reason. Members are not much benifited in our...
  8. Saint

    Going with the Intraday Mini-Flow!!

    Now,unlike the 60min Flow Thread.........not going to start off by defining the rules,what the Set-up is,how the position sizing should be.There definitely is a Strategy,a Set Up,a definite Plan,and the execution of that Plan.......but we shall definitely discuss it as we go along.Probably a...
  9. U

    Nifty Futures Trading

    There is a definite change of Trend & Sentiment in the Mkt.A downtrend is on progress.Once again the need of the hour is to determine the faith of the Long term Trend.All studies are absolutely Subjective. Nifty Fut is going to scale 7300 in months to come,prior to reaching that...