Today's Target for Nifty & Bank Nifty.

Today's Target for Nifty & Bank Nifty.

In this new thread , Here the nifty and bank nifty trends and targets discussed. may some times it goes well and some times it fails. let us see how it will be.
one main thing in this thread will be only one way and one side target will be given. or even it is a small try towards that aim.
Immediately it may or may not function but this thread can be used in future analysis to find a target with minimum profits for every day's trade.


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by copy pasting a 100 point mistake happened, oh how I overlooked it.
when anup told then also I thought that me too given a plus target then both are on same side. but now only I got what it is. thanks anup. ufff. a small pasting with changing only last two letters made a big mistake.

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