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  • Hello pkgmtnl,
    want to automate a strategy ... can you pls help or guide ... my number is 9850800309
    hello, a request, can you get nifty/banknifty fut old data, before 2019 if possbile? 5 mins is also help too. TY.
    My HDD having IEOD backup data prior to 2019 is corrupted, sorry I don't have it. This is why I am keeping it on Cloud Now...
    Hello pkgmtnl,
    First of all I am very thankful to you on behalf of all trader community for providing all IEOD data to all and keep em updating at every month,

    Second things is on latest update of AUG-2020 month , All file have data from 24-AUG-2020 To 03-SEP-2020 so please take look at it.

    Thanks a lot.
    Hi PKGmtnl,

    Can you share a link to download one minute data for NSE stocks, futures.... Is there any site / software from which I can get live data else EOD data will work :)

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