The Trade Journal: Evolution

HI everybody. posting here after a long time. Actually i was getting bored of having a monologue. What i feel that at times people just want to get tips rather than learning or trying to know that how a particular call was generated. Anyway i have decided to continue posting here.

For today.
All the asset classes have seen a phenomenal run in July including energies and base metals. For today i would be a bit cautious though the short term uptrend seems to be intact as of now in base metals and crude. I think today these counters should move both ways so appropriate strategy would be to buy at a cut of 2 percent or so from yesterday closing and exiting around yesterday closing or a bit above. i m not expecting a rip roaring upside today or a deep cut as well. so pretty much rangebound.
Natural gas has given a good breakout yesterday and is relatively cheaper in energy pack. So if nothing diasatrous happens and global markets are rangebound i m expecting an upside in NG today as well. Buy around 184-187 with stop below 180-183 or so and target 189-192 or so

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