1. bashasm

    Crude Oil Scalping Survival Challenge - 1

    I want to trade crude oil (mini one lot) with a capital of Rs.5000. Previously I have traded and l lost money, due to not following any system/rules. Now want to start small and hopefully survive. The challenge is to myself on how much I can last with the Rs.5000 I will be scalping on the...
  2. bashasm

    Crude oil day trader's journal

    My setups through trial and error will be recorded here. I will be trading with one Mini lot crude only till I improve significantly, after which will be trading with one Mega lot crude only. This is not any advice or tips. All the budding traders can comment and we all can learn from each other.
  3. T

    Commodity Trading everyday live

    Hi All Starting this thread to trade in commodity every day and test the strategy which I have
  4. P

    Crude oil trading using GANN square

    I will update Crude oil trading based on GANN square of 9 strategy daily. Please update your suggestions and feedback if any.
  5. *Trader*

    Crude Trading to Earn 100 % in a Year

    Hello Friends After Watching Charts and Learning some technical I prepared my self a trading strategy. I forward tested this strategy for 3 months and get good returns. I decided to start trading this strategy from today. My goal is to earn 100 % returns per year. I regularly update this thread...
  6. P

    News based algorithms

    I've been curious as to how news/earnings reports/inventory data etc impacts various markets. In this thread, I want everyone to list frequent/non-frequent news based events that impact markets. And if they have traded based on news based events. For example: In one of the threads on this...

    Energy Scalper -->Pure Price Action

    Here I am going to update my scalping trades based on Price. No Indicators, No technical, No fundamentals, No charts, No support/ Resistance levels. Will trade only in Crude oil & Natural Gas. Capital: 1lakh Lots: 2 Lots Min Target: God Knows. Duration: 1 month No positional...

    Trade Cool - Live Cool

    Hello Friends I am in the Trading business from 2 years as usual like so many of us lost money. At now getting reasonable profit for my efforts. I am starting this thread to record my trades and to improve my trading. Live Cool
  9. Scalper

    Power of Compounding

    Hello Friends Inspired by the below thread I am also starting a thread to track my trades and stats. I am not following any thread for trades. I will do as per my analysis & strategy. I am starting with only 10000...
  10. Scalper

    Day Trading Crude & Nifty using SuperTrend

    Hello Traders, I am an small trader who traded some time back and lost some money. Due to family business work I quit. Now I have time to trade so I decided to start trading. I am starting this thread as a trading diary to improve my trading by taking suggestions from seniors. I decided to...
  11. Kabali

    What really works in professional commodity trading? My Trading Strategies

    Dear Friends, I am trading in MCX Market for the past 7 years. But I am new to Traderji. For the professional commodity traders, I have some trading plan and strategies to share with you. I will share one by one through my articles in the coming post
  12. R

    [ REQUIRED ] IEOD Crude Oil

    Request help for MCX CrudeOil Data 1min ieod for the period: Nov13 to Dec14 If 1-min not possible then i can try working with 5-min as well. Could someone please help ? Will be greatly obliged Thanks a lot in advance !! :)
  13. Mr.Gold

    A message from the mountains....

    Hello all, I'm looking forward to a great online experience with all of you. A little history about me for you guys. I'm a former Mumbaikar currently living and working out of the Rocky Mountains of Canada. I made the move over here 20 years ago when I got a golden opportunity and I took...
  14. S

    Hello Friends

    Hello Friends, I am a new joinee at Traderji. Mainly trading in Commodities Market. Can anyone help me out with the conversion formula of gold, silver, crude, N Gas , Lead, Copper, al, zinc from dollar to Rs. presently we see in MCX. Whatever I found from websites do not match with...
  15. C

    MY Crude oil trading.

    Here i am updating my crude Trades. If anybody interested they can follow. Im not responsible for any profit or loss. here im just updating my trades. First i give call... then after depending upon moment i will update sl and target.
  16. P

    Need perfect afl for crude

    Hi friends can anybody, give perfect (more than 80 % accuracy enough) afl for trading 5 min intraday mcx crude.. I tried with many indicators/charts/mt4 platforms any useful indicator there? Sreeram.v
  17. alex_fin

    CrudeOil Intraday Trading Diary - alex_fin

    Dear Friends, Iam attempting to record my trades in this trading diary . I am trying to follow a system , and hope this diary will help me to follow the system rigorously. i will write about the system in few days as it takes some time to explain about the system . Trading capital is...
  18. G

    Gold prices saw a bright day

    Japanese Index Nikkei ended up on a higher note Encouraged by financial shares when a report said that most major Asian banks may be exempt from planned new global rules and this news took the Japanese Nikkei to end up on a higher note. The Japanese equities surprisingly outperformed other...
  19. sdalal

    CRUDE-Conflicting Situation

    Friends, Below is the Daily chart of crude. The crude looking to go down and can see 69.The Support line given in green is near to its trading range and break below this can see 69. which is another support. Bullishness starts when it cross above Blue line. Bearishness starts when it cross...
  20. G

    The Trade Journal: Evolution

    Hi everybody. this is my first post here or for that matter on any forum. Before i starts narrating the purpose of this thread, let me tell u something bout myself. I had my first interaction with markets in early 2001. Since then i have experienced a lot of trading vehicles...