1. KingEURUSD


  2. R

    Is it good to invest in forex?

    In India, currency trading is permitted only via currency futures. You cannot participate in the spot market or cash market in forex. So, from the Indian perspective, let’s see if investing in currency futures is a good investment strategy. Currency futures are traded on NSE, BSE, and MCX-SX...
  3. S

    Daily Market Analysis and News From NordFX

    Forex Forecast and Cryptocurrencies Forecast for December 21 - 25, 2020 First, a review of last week’s events: - EUR/USD. According to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the most popular strategy in the market after “buy shares” is “sell the dollar”. Speculative short positions in this...
  4. Raghav madaan

    Forex trading

    How is Forex trading profitable?
  5. R

    hi everyone am new to here how is the trades in 2019 ???

    hi everyone am new to here how is the trades in 2019 ???:cool::cool::cool:
  6. R


    I know Sir, I'm technically analyst with over +1 year of experience in equity's and currencies with swing trading. Now, I want to go even further. Learning about fundamentals and my goal is to best trader of India. I'll not be able to pay your fees if you are looking for that, but other than...
  7. K

    Intricacies of forex trading and systems. Let's discuss.

    There are a lot of members here who have been trading forex since quite some time. And all of us have experience and knowledge that'll only increase by sharing. I tried to find a forex thread for strategies / timeframes / risk management and various things but only found a few which were...
  8. K

    RECOMMENDED Forex Brokers in 2018

    Hey guys, I searched on this forum and could not find any recent thread for recomended forex brokers, please share wghich brokers you use personally and the easy and advantages of that broker as well, if possible. Any answers to this thread would be vastly appreciated! Thanks, Kartikeya.
  9. Cornelis

    OlympTrade - Whether we can trust this broker or not?

    I've read plenty of reviews about this broker, most of them were positive, I've seen some negative as well but just a few. Moreover, reasons for negativity were explained only with the fact that traders had lost their money, there wasn't a word about broker's quality. So, I would like to ask...
  10. B

    Need affiliates for program

    Hi everybody, Affiliate program is looking for new affiliates. If you are looking for additional ways of earning, you can join it. Also, this can be your full-time job. It pays high CPAs from 200$ to almost 500$ per action. go directly to the website and sign up.
  11. H

    Hi Traders

    Hi Traders , This is Asir :thumb: from Tiruchy , interested in Forex Trading. :!:!
  12. L

    Currency Futures

    I just wrote this thread to know are there any trader who trades in currency futures.
  13. M

    Any ideas on Copytrading Experts...?

    Hi all Does anyone have experience on copytrading services offered by Forex Brokers. If their claim is genuine,it seems like autotrading most Profitable Trades from Experts.. I've seen many Overseas Forex Brokers offering this service,but not anyone fromIndian Markets
  14. A

    Volume Of Buy

    Hi all:) I have a question about volume of buy Maximum much should buy until the price dont out of the trend??:confused:
  15. wabuf

    Broker for highest leverage

    Hi traders I want to know which broker gives highest leverage for day trading . I have a demat acc with icici & gives 50 times variably . I have heard a lot about zerodha but its trading leverage is low . any other in your opinion .?? Thank You
  16. F

    Where to pay Tax

    Hi I live in India from birth. I have opened a International Bank account in London and especially for the Purpose of Forex Trading. My friend Deposited his money there who lives there as uk citizen. And I started doing trading from India but my all transaction places in uk and their bank...
  17. Srikanth.Haritsya

    Legal Forex learning ;)

    I wish to knit a thread here in an effort to learn and improve my technical trading skill, I don't know whether Forex trading is legal in India; I know so much that learning to trade isn't. So here's my first chart on NZDUSD so far, my analysis hints wave 3 bear in progress.
  18. vagar11

    Is forex trading legal in india?

    zerodha is allowing us to trade currencies? Is that legal?
  19. M

    doubt on Forex Trading

    Hi Friends, My friend(NRI) is having forex trading account in US and he is living in US. He requested me to trade forex on behalf of his account in USD combinations. As per my knowledge it is offense of trading USD combination. Could you please help me that can I do trading on behalf of...
  20. A

    USDINR trading for living? Possible??

    trading forex derivatives such as USDINR for living, is it really advisible or doable in india.