1. Kabali

    What really works in professional commodity trading? My Trading Strategies

    Dear Friends, I am trading in MCX Market for the past 7 years. But I am new to Traderji. For the professional commodity traders, I have some trading plan and strategies to share with you. I will share one by one through my articles in the coming post
  2. V

    gold/oil/baltic dry ticker codes

    I'm trying to find the ticker codes for gold ( $US.ounce) and crude oil (barrel) and baltic dry index (shipping) for Amibroker. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. C

    Best way to invest in Gold - Advice required

    Gold investment options for long term: 1. Gold ETF. 2. Gold MCX futures - will rolling over each month. 3. Physical Gold coins/bars. Issues: 1. ETFs supposedly invest in physical gold. But, this looks shady. Esp Bank of nova scotia being the custodian for ETFs in India. There seems to be...
  4. K

    Gold ETF compulsory delivery

    Hello Friends, Does Gold ETF have things like compulsory delivery or any other such thing that would put one into trouble? Is it similar to investing in Nifty ETF or are there any differences between the two? Pls guide Thanks Karuna
  5. K

    how to do Gold valuation?

    Hello Friends, As far as a company is concerned(example ICICI) we can easily do fundamental and analyse if scrip is at a value price or not, but how to analyse gold? How to determine its true value using ratios? Pls guide. thanks Karuna
  6. N

    Want to trade in commocities

    Hello all, I want to start trading in MCX commodities with capital of 50k. Can anyone please tell me how can i make good profit in mcx? I want to learn some good profit making strategies. Thanks.
  7. S

    Hello Friends

    Hello Friends, I am a new joinee at Traderji. Mainly trading in Commodities Market. Can anyone help me out with the conversion formula of gold, silver, crude, N Gas , Lead, Copper, al, zinc from dollar to Rs. presently we see in MCX. Whatever I found from websites do not match with...
  8. T

    someone plz explain this different price movement in MCX gold from international gold

    Hi All, MCX gold september contract increased from 27696 to 27880 from 10.30 pm to 11.00 pm an increase of almost 0.7 %, similar was the price movement in oct and august contracts. Whille, at the same time, there was hardly any movement in international gold price which was ranging from...
  9. Einstein

    What if Gold is a bubble??

    Hi experts, Just want to know what is gold is really a bubble, and what will be the results if it collapse, suppose if the prices of gold came down to 8,000rs /10gram. or prices of year 2000-2002 level. then what will happen?? 1. what will be the effect on debt ridden countries like UK...
  10. Y

    Fungibility of gold and gold mini?

    I am long 1 Kg in Gold and short 1 Kg in Gold Mini contracts expiring on 5th December and don't plan to square off my positions. Would I be compulsorily required to take delivery in Gold and give delivery in Gold Mini ? Or would MCX net my positions in gold with gold mini and not ask for...
  11. Y

    Delivery of Gold in Demat form in MCX

    Hi Is it possible to take delivery of gold and silver in demat form on expiry of a long futures contract traded on MCX? If yes, what are the charges, taxes involved? Do I have to pay some extra charges to the custodian as carrying cost? I am interested in doing calendar spread trading and if...
  12. K

    Best News site for bullion?

    Hello friends, Could you please suggest the best site for getting up to the date news affecting gold/silver prices? I lost out on when the non-farm payroll news was released yesterday evening and hope to avoid that. Thanks all
  13. A

    gold data

    dear senior members, from where i can get spot closing data (daily) for gold for the last year. hope someone can:thumb: help
  14. A


    how to change the symbols add/ delete in brocco free demo account. is it possible o i have to make fresh account and download the bocco again.:)
  15. A

    Brocoo chart

    How add symbols of new series mcx and delete the old one from brocco charting software. I am new to the trading. Kindly help
  16. G

    Gold and Silver

    I am not a gold bug, due to my personal historical believes and developments, I happen to love trading gold and silver. Painfully and slowly, I have gained some insight into how to make money by trading these commodities. I am interested in learning from others who are educated in the field...
  17. A

    Gold Investment

    Gold: Getting Ready for the Coming Correction,Ive learned many things about investing over a career that has spanned 30 years. One of the biggest lessons is that not a single investment goes either straight up or straight down. When an investment is rising in price (bull market), there are...
  18. B

    Predicting gold price movement at mcx by watching price at international market..

    I am new to the commodity market. is it true that price movement of gold/silver in international market has an effect at mcx gold/silver price movement??? If yes where to watch the price of gold/silver at international market?? Will it be a good idea to predict the price movement at mcx...
  19. P

    Regarding Gold Mutual Funds

    Hi All, I Want to invest 3000 Montly on GOLD through mutual Funds for a tenure of 10 years for my Kids Marriage. I have a Demat account in Reliance Money. I have 2 Questions. 1) What is the difference in ETF Funds and Gold Mutual Funds 2) What are the best funds to invest for Gold Purpose...
  20. J

    Need advise on International Gold Funds

    Please advise re Intl Gold Funds. E.g. AIG World Gold Fund has given a return of 35% over the past year and 29% over two years. Do experts recommend such funds? What are the options? What are the factors to consider before investing (say 5% of portfolio in Intl Gold Funds)? Thank you.