option trading

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    Options spread with future hedge - a bit of newtons's strat :)

    hi all, I have been paper trading shorting options and the cover with the future as hedge on either side.. This will be diary for the same along with suggestions from all seniors and people. It is similar to what newton had done but instead of atm call and put this will be a bit far wide .. As...
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    Trading for a Living : Is it Possible

    Hello everyone. I am Puneet and I am an active trader for the past 8-10 years (on and off). Till date I have lost around 2.5 Lakhs in the market (all because of my own stupidity), but I am not hung up on that. Right now I am Paper Trading again and am quite successful in that. As an educated...
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    FNO Trading Diary

    Request all Traderji members support this Thread by creative suggestions and appreciation. Would like to Share and learn new concepts in FNO Trading.
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    Option Trading journal

    Hi Friends This is my 2nd Innings in Share Market.Watched others playing while sitting out. This time My Prime Target is to be On the Ground with Bat & Pad even if no runs made. Today I made my first Trades with Net Investment of INR 225000/- Shorted 4 Lots of May14 Nifty 7100 CE @ 93...
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    Newbie !!

    Hi everyone ! I opened my account a month ago and since then i m trading actively Started trading with intraday and futures but after negative experience i switched to banknifty options trading. Till, date i m busy making up the losses with option Straddle/strangles and yeh i should say...
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    Hi all, I am more over interested in the option trading. I am trading from last 5 years, trading in nifty future , but I am eager to learn how to trade in nifty options
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    Naked Put unlimited risk?????

    Hi All, I want to start this new thread as there is something on my mind that has been bugging me for a long time and I would like to share it with the forum and hopefully get an answer. Ok heres the premise, I am a value investor and normally stick to the contrarian calls based on value...
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    Earning 25% per month using Option strangle strategy

    Hi Frnds, Just wanted to share my options trading strategy which has the potential to earn 25% per month. I am personally doing this for past 4 months only, got consistently 25% every month. However still my testing timeframe is small, i would like to share with you people and get ur feedback...