1. anilsomani

    Change in Options premium

    Why change in options premium is important? What's the importance? And what's the effect of change in options greeks is important? If your outlook on underlying is right then you can just execute an options trade with less capital. And maybe short an option and keep the premium. In all of this...
  2. S

    Bank Nifty option closing Price

    Hello, I bought Bank Nifty option contract on 30/04/2019, 2 lots 29200 PE @ 4.90 expiring on 02/05/2019 for a total of Rs 196. This morning when market opened up. I see the P&L of over Rs 700 (I closed it later with a loss of Rs 725). Could you please explain the logic behind it. I took the...
  3. Y

    Exiting the sell put options

    Hi All, Sorry if it's a lame question.I am newbie. When we sell a put option a portion of money is blocked as margin. My question is if I want to exit this position (exit short sell position) before Expiry, do we need extra balance in our trading account on top of what is already blocked as...
  4. V

    Option Pain and Option Chain

    Hi, I'm new to Options. When i tried to learn Options, I came across Option Pain and Option Chain. I couldn't understand how someone can predict the expiry price by reading those two. Can someone tell me how to read Option Pain and Option Chain and how to trade based on them. Thank You.
  5. S

    Are the monthly dividends sustainable in the future?

    Kindly let me know that shall I be receiving my monthly dividends regularly, for I heard that monthly dividends are going to be stopped!
  6. M

    EOD Data (BhavCopy) Downloader for Nseindia

    Dear All, I like to download Daily Bhav Copy file from nseindia website . I tried many free EOD Downloader. All its supported data download only from 2016. I want to download this Data from 1995 to 2017 (Current Date). I could download this manually from nseindia site. But...
  7. M

    Find Unlimited Plans strategy

    Hi Friends, I have plan to option trading with unlimited trading brokerage plan. I have seen breakeven point option trade (without brokerage) 0.20-0.25 Rs. So the Nifty or Bank nifty options easily move 0.70-1.0 Rs. I hope my self easily pick the small movement with Bracket...
  8. H

    Options Classroom Training at Bangalore

    Hello, I am a beginner trader in Options and I was looking into classroom training for Options to enhance my knowledge. I found one good trainer through NSE and his course covers all necessary modules to understand options trading. But the training location would be in Mumbai which will add...
  9. Blackhole

    My Notes

    My Notes from different thread/sites or sources related to technical analysis or fundamental analysis / trading investments. My improved trading by
  10. M

    Option trading tutorial by DanPickUp (Somatung )

    I was looking for mentors for option trading and Somatung recommended his thread (http://www.traderji.com/options/66266-option-trading-danpickup.html) which he written in his previous avatar. I have read the thread and its a very good and useful source for learning option trading basics. So i...
  11. M

    Looking for a mentor in option trading

    I am very new to option trading. I have read many articles and viewed videos regarding option trading but still i am afraid of trading options because my lack of full understanding of options itself. Before putting my real money into option trading i want to carry out paper trading with NSE...
  12. M

    How to use SPAN calculator for option trading

    I am new to option trading and while learning about option i came across Zerodha's Span calculator. But i really dont know how to use SPAN calculator for optional trading? I used nifty November contract as a put option and used 8100 as strike price for BUYing. But when i added my result...
  13. H

    Any idea on "Option School" course

    Hello Everyone, I came across one of the Option Learning institute "The Option School". Their website is "www.theoptionschool.in". Any idea how is the course? They are charging 12K. Is it worthwhile. If anyone has taken this course, please share their experience. Thanks..!! Hardik Shah
  14. fahadmalik

    Option Strategy Guide

    Dear TraderJi members, Happy Diwali in Advance :clap::thumb::clapping: Using Nest Trading Terminal. Zerodha is my Broker Need Help in Option Strategy. Newbie in Option...mostly trade in Commodity Where to Execute the Option Buy/Sell Order, I have seen the video of BSE2NSE 1...
  15. T

    Only Nifty(F & O) and Only Intraday Trading

    I would like to invite you all Only Nifty and Intraday Traders to participate and have healthy discussion. The main target to start this thread is to get discussion on Only Nifty and only Intraday trading in F & O.
  16. rebeck10

    Direction future trading , using option as stoploss

    This thread is to gain your views on a effective stop-loss strategy I am proposing I primarily trade in the banknifty , which has a average daily volatility of 100 points. (positional trader for 2-5 days max). I take a directional trade based on news and some technical analysis factors...
  17. M

    Hi All

    I am new to Stock market. I am trading mainly option on NSE. How to trade option and what are key point should keep in mind for each and every trade. Is there any tool/website/software available in the market that can help me. I will highly appreciate your help. Thanks Mukesh
  18. B

    Hello everyone...Looking forward

    Hi, I am here with an objective to learn the stock trading. Particularly I am interested in Option and Future trading and would welcome valuable suggestion and inputs. I have got no of queries and would like share the same.:clap: With thanks & regards bbsrtrade
  19. M

    30% returns with Delta hedging options

    Hello All, I'm thinking to execute following strategy. Options expert please advice whether this is appropriate and doable. I want to take position in long dated nifty options So chosen range is Short 7500 CE (delta : -0.24) Short 5000 PE (delta : 0.12) Now considering this, I...
  20. A

    A very basic question on option selling (writing)

    Hi! I'm a beginner trader in Nifty Futures and would like to get into Option Selling on Nifty Options. In that context, I have a few questions on Option Selling! How does Option Selling work? I know that to sell a Nifty option, I have to have a combined span and exposure margin of around...