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    I have an interesting options trading strategy.

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I've been working on a strategy for more than a year and finally it has become live. I would like to connect with like minded traders with an intention to collaborate.
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    Strange candles in options

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, i do option trading.. There are few questions I'm seeking about options but couldn't find anywhere..so i came here to find those questions.. So my questions are this way . Question 1) why does the indiavix show a very big candle at the 9:15, what is the reason...
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    How do you adjust your iron condors? What are the trigger points for adjustments?

    I am trying to create a system/plan for the Iron Condor Strategy in NIFTY and BankNifty. Wanted inputs of how everyone adjusts there iron condors here. What are the trigger points whether delta doubling or breach of short sides etc. and how does one makes adjustments then?
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    Regular Post and update of NIFTY Option Trading

    In this post I will be posting my trades on NIFTY option trading. May be I will get support & mentorship from senior and learned members of this platform to improve my trades further.
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    Short Put Option

    Hi, I short a naked put option. If this option is assigned, will I be forced to buy the stocks at open market price?
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    need options trading clarification

    Hi All, I've just started learning the basics of options trading and wanted to get few doubts resolved. my understanding is in buy a call option, we earn from the change in premium. is this understanding correct ? Further, consider the following scenario: nifty currently trading at 9142 lot...
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    Need Help regarding option trading

    I bought 1 lot of Banknifty for strik price of 32500CE at 9.60 for expiry of 19 dec 2019 What kind of situation are applicable to this trade ? Can i sell that 1 lot before expiry if it expired what will happen ? currently Bank Nifty at 31712. MTM is minus 169 please help explain what can...
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    How to get live options data for nifty and banknifty from upstox api to excel or any database?

    How to get live options data for nifty and banknifty from upstox api to excel or any database? if any other brokers api will work. please share code..
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    What is 'option expiring without any value' means?

    I was reading about options and many times it was said that option buyers were losers because there is more than 70% chance that an option will expire without any value. What is that even mean? Lets take two long call options with strike 110 and 90. If the current spot sprice is 100 then which...
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    Confusion in strike price and premium

    I am new to option trading and I have some confusion in the relationship between strike price and premium. Take this example of a stock and for simplicity we are only considering a long call buy option Spot price = 200 rs Strike price = 300,275,250,175,150,100,50 expiry= 20 days Because 175 is...
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    Intraday trading with options?

    Do any one here intraday trade with options? Is it worth it? Do you have any recommendations for someone who is new to this trade?
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    Intraday implied volatility chart or data feed

    Hi, Any website or broker offers Intraday implied volatility chart or data feed? Any codes to fetch the IV? Regards, P
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    Anyone provide real time implied volatility feed for options

    Hi, Any website or broker provides Implied volatility along with options feed in real time? Regards, P
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    Change in Options premium

    Why change in options premium is important? What's the importance? And what's the effect of change in options greeks is important? If your outlook on underlying is right then you can just execute an options trade with less capital. And maybe short an option and keep the premium. In all of this...
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    Bank Nifty option closing Price

    Hello, I bought Bank Nifty option contract on 30/04/2019, 2 lots 29200 PE @ 4.90 expiring on 02/05/2019 for a total of Rs 196. This morning when market opened up. I see the P&L of over Rs 700 (I closed it later with a loss of Rs 725). Could you please explain the logic behind it. I took the...
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    Exiting the sell put options

    Hi All, Sorry if it's a lame question.I am newbie. When we sell a put option a portion of money is blocked as margin. My question is if I want to exit this position (exit short sell position) before Expiry, do we need extra balance in our trading account on top of what is already blocked as...
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    Option Pain and Option Chain

    Hi, I'm new to Options. When i tried to learn Options, I came across Option Pain and Option Chain. I couldn't understand how someone can predict the expiry price by reading those two. Can someone tell me how to read Option Pain and Option Chain and how to trade based on them. Thank You.
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    Are the monthly dividends sustainable in the future?

    Kindly let me know that shall I be receiving my monthly dividends regularly, for I heard that monthly dividends are going to be stopped!
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    EOD Data (BhavCopy) Downloader for Nseindia

    Dear All, I like to download Daily Bhav Copy file from nseindia website . I tried many free EOD Downloader. All its supported data download only from 2016. I want to download this Data from 1995 to 2017 (Current Date). I could download this manually from nseindia site. But...
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    Find Unlimited Plans strategy

    Hi Friends, I have plan to option trading with unlimited trading brokerage plan. I have seen breakeven point option trade (without brokerage) 0.20-0.25 Rs. So the Nifty or Bank nifty options easily move 0.70-1.0 Rs. I hope my self easily pick the small movement with Bracket...