option greeks

  1. anilsomani

    Change in Options premium

    Why change in options premium is important? What's the importance? And what's the effect of change in options greeks is important? If your outlook on underlying is right then you can just execute an options trade with less capital. And maybe short an option and keep the premium. In all of this...
  2. M

    Greek Option Trader

    i am starting this thread for discussion about the option greeks . like delta , gamma , theta , vega , rho and etc..
  3. S

    beginers option help

    Hai members , i have lot of doubts about options trading . Option Experts and Senior Members please help me to solve my doubts. I dont want to disturb you everyone in each thread to ask my doubts , so i started new thread please spare your valuble time for me. please consider my questions and...