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* More than 2 Months 1 minute single click backfill for Cash, Futures and MCX *

ManshiRT is NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, NASDAQ and NYSE real time data provider for Amibroker, Metastock, Ninja Trader, FCharts and other popular charting software with single click EOD data update for equities and derivatives.

  1. Zero Delay stocks, derivatives and commodity data through:
    • Yahoo - NSE realtime data
    • Google - NSE, NASDAQ and NYSE realtime data
    • ODIN - Odin Diet Client, Angel Diet Client and Odin Client
    • TT Advance - enhanced watch based support
    • TradeTiger from Sharekhan
    • KeatPro for Kotak securities users
    • PIB
    • Nest Trader
  2. Supports intraday history backfill
  3. Single Click EOD prices update for equity and derivatives (NSE / BSE)
  4. Single click EOD prices update for world indices and stocks through yahoo EOD
  5. Light weight on network bandwidth.
  6. Supports FOREX data
  7. Supports world stocks
  8. Desktop watch with allerts support for unintrusive working

Charting Software Supported
  • Ami Broker - Integrates directly with Amibroker providing smooth update and all operations can be executed from Amibroker
  • Metastock is supported
  • Ninja Trader - 6.5 and 7.0
  • FCharts is supported
  • Excel is supported

* Saves stock history even in Trial version of Amibroker - when Manshi plugin based database is used. *
Note: Even though the database is not saved by Amibroker, it is saved by ManshiRT which makes it available to Amibroker on demand. Thus you will be able to work with old RT data as well.

Backfill Sources
  • More than 2 months server based backfill for all Cash, NSE Futures and MCX futures
  • Trade Tiger - upto 5 days for Cash, FnO and MCX
  • Odin - 1 / 5 day + (depends on the broker) - Cash, FnO and MCX
  • TT Advance - 1 day for Cash and FnO

Installation Process:
Install .NET 3.5 SP1
Install vs 2008 redistributable
Install ManshiRT

.NET 3.5 SP1 or 3.5 SP2
.NET 3.5 SP1 :
VS 2008 Redistributable

Installation and Setup
latest Version, is availablae at the following locations

New users download the setup package from :

Existing users download update package from below to keep the settings:

For DataSource and Charting S/W setup instructions, refer to or videos below.

If you find videos below hazy, original videos are available at

Manshi RT Amibroker tick DB Setup

Manshi RT Metastock Setup

EOD DB Update using Manshi RT - Single click EOD prices update for Equity and Derivatives

Manshi Ninja Trader Setup

Manshi RT FCharts Setup

Manshi RT Amibroker DB Setup for ManshiRT plugin

Please refer to files section of ManshiRT yahoo group. It has a lot of information which you will find useful while working with ManshiRT.

Thank you so much for using ManshiRT.

Please use ManshiRT yahoo group ( if you are facing any issue
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I saw your software, it is good but not user friendly, it is very difficult to configure, After checking of all parameters, it takes hardly atleast 15 minutes, after that also it is not working, real time data is not fetching,
Please give me the solution.

please try using charts data software which you can dowlonad free of cost and use it with metastock or amibroker and their trial version works with two scrips only and after trying buy the software and it works find im using it with odin and no issues

[email protected]
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Hi Dinu,

I understand your issue and for that reason I am working on creating a video to detail steps. Unfortunately, the setup is more involve at Amibroker side as the datasource has been developed as a plugin and we dont have much control as it is an Amibroker requirement. But once you configure it you will be able to realize its power and convenience as most of the operations you can handle within Amibroker itself. Most of the other indian data source providers do not have this option.

The ManshiRT server setup is pretty simple and if it is working fine, it should display the screen as in the given attachement during market hours. The server then communicates directly with Amibroker though the plugin and realtime data is displayed in the Amibroker.

Can you please chat me at my gmail id sunyhyd so that I can work on resolving your issue?

Thank you.



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Hi All,

I have developed a tool to get realtime NSE data and fill it into the Amibroker. Its main features are given below:

1) Real time NSE stocks data - using Yahoo finance. Other sources will be added soon.
2) Supports intraday history backfill
3) Light weight on network bandwidth. Test it out and believe it.
4) Ami Broker integration - if you are using AB, all operations can be executed from AB without leaving your favorite technical analysis tool
5) Under development - more features to be added
6) Metastock users - please excuse me as of now. Keep looking for updates ...

Note-since the program size is more than 100kb, I am not able to upload it here. It can be downloaded from Kindly send your inputs to improve and make it more useful.
Looks good, I havent tested it yet so cannot comment but what is the source of data ? where are you fetching it?

I could help if you may need some help with development.


Data source is yahoo which is providing real time data for NSE. Thanks for offering the help. I will certainly contact you for help and feedback.

I would request you to try the program give feedback.

Thank you.

i tested your software everything works fine all connected but there is one problem i ididnt find the symbol list in amibroker

so pls contact me at h e m a l s u t a r i a @ g m a i l . c o m

pls remove the space

waiting 4 ur reply

thanx in advance.



Thanks hemalsutaria. I am really happy that it is working fine for you.

Basically these are NSE symbols which are available in file named "nse-symbollist.csv". It is one of the file released in the ManshiRT. It contains symbols for NSE stock and indices in the first column.

Please share your suggestions and features requests to make it useful to people.

Thank you


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Sweettt... this works exactly as I wanted it to work. Kudos to you!!!

Couple of suggestions... take your own time to implement it

1) Allow to choose exchange of your own choice, I have edited XML to include 3 counters from NASDAQ and was able to monitor MSFT,YHOO & GOOG from NASDAQ. ( I sometime track and trade in NASDAQ for my friend's account and it will be a BIG plus)
2) Let users enter number of days of backfill, if someone want to enter more than 10
3) An option to auto start the server and minimize it to system tray to save some space in taskbar.

Once again thanks for the hard work..

Here is a snapshot of me using NASDAQ for realtime quotes