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Just tried the software and i get the following error :


Description :
After copying the dll to the relevant Amibroker DIR when the server is launched, i get the two log-in windows as shown in yr video, the windows disssapear after ID/Pwd are fed in and the server window apppears.. so far, just as in the video. The error appears only when i click on "Settings" on the server window.

The following did not help :
-Changing the drive / Location from where the server file is launched.
(The system was connected to the net at the time, firewall had granted access)

OS is XP with SP2 and .NET3, 3.02Ghz, 3GB Ram, 1TB HDD

Hope it helps.

All the best
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My quick guess is that either "ManshiRT.xml" is not available in the software directory or it is corrupted. Can you please copy the file from the original archive and run the program again.

Also, if the application crashes, please click on the deail button and send the screenshot. If you are not able to upload the file here, please send it to my email suny_hyd2000.

Thank you


Dear Members,

Please make sure that the "ManshiRT.xml" and "watchlist.xml" files are available in the same directory as the ManshiRT.exe. Otherwise the server may not work properly or crash.

Thank you


.NET3.5 doesnt love me :annoyed:

I downloaded the .NET3.5 installation file off microsoft, PC boots just after it decompresses installation files and starts to install.

Then downloaded the 230MB standalone .NET3.5 with SP1, same thing.

To resolve the issue - Tried the Microsoft .NET registration correction pack, no use, PC still boots when .NET3.5 just starts to install.

Any suggestion ?

Also, would it be possible to bundle relevant files with yr package so one doent have to deal with .NET3.5 ? might increase the size tho.

Thanks for the suggestion tho.

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