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I have been using ManshiRT from quite a few days now.
They said Google has stopped data service.
They are facing major problem with Yahoo! from the last two days Yahoo data is not coming in for the first half of the trading hours. When I talked to there support regarding this, they have only one response - It is Yahoo's problem, not ours.

There support people are extremely rude. You wont even get to know when the support person leaves without helping you. The support person talks as if we are there servants and despite paying them for the services they have done a big-time favour to their clients. They dont even listen to you and just keep talking rudely.

I would say - avoid and go for a better and more professional company. Its worth it.
Re: Manshi RT Passowrd

I downloaded the ManshiRT zip for 4shared but while unzipping it is asking passowrd. I tried it in all the versions of winzip. Can any body help me to resolve it....
Thank you

Dear All,

A new verions,, of Manshi RT has been released which is available at


1) Added support for unlimited world stocks through yahoo. The symbols to be provided are yahoo symbols eg ITC.NS etc. Use Settings->World Stocks-> Stocks to specify the symbols. The current world stocks watch can be managed through Windows->Ticker Window->World Stock.

2) Added support for Forex. Most used forex symbols are given in forex-symbols. csv file

3) Bug fixes

Note : To watch NSE cash stocks you can use either the yahoo watch (old method) or world stocks watch though the earlier method need approximaely half the network bandwidth required if watched through world stocks.

If you face any issue, please send debug traces. To capture debug traces, enable debug through "Settings->Debug".


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None of the link is working? How can I get software?