Hello Seniors and experienced members and Gurus,
I have learnt a lot from you all. Thanks for your support so far. Now, I am facing a small requirement and unable to fix it. While scanning my AFL, its returning Short or Buy of Banknifty options strike price. But, I would like to get only one strike price (anyone) at the same time, to avoid duplicate orders in my automated trading. For eg. I have pasted the screenshot.

I need anyone of the result at a time. My bot will try to enter all the 3 trades if all the three comes at 10.15. Please help me to fix this. With an example.

Thanks a lot.


We are also facing the same issue. Did you find some solution? It will be helpful if you share it here.

We are trying to figure this out since weeks. We are selecting nifty option based on indicator on the underlying.

But are unable to backtest this, as the backtest gets applied to all the options symbols in Amibroker.

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