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  1. P

    sector rotation

    hi, how to find out sector rotation & related stocks for swing trading? any afl pls share ? Regards, P
  2. M

    Generate trade signals while using enablerotationtrading and PositionScore

    Hello, I want to automate following simple AFL strategywhich runs on basket of 30 or 40 stocks. If we use the Buy and Sell variable then we can use the AlertIf function to generate alerts of various kinds like email. But in below AFL, because of the rotational nature of strategy Buy and Sell...
  3. H

    EMA Crossover AFL with Buy and Sell signal

    Hi Friends, I am looking for a simple AFL that generates buy and Sell signal based on below conditions, any help will be really appreciated. Time Frame : 15 minutes Indicators used are below; Exponential Moving Average (50, High) Exponential Moving Average (50, Low) Exponential Moving...
  4. P

    anyone have AFL which can find best moving avg crossover combination for each symbol ?

    anyone have AFL which can find best moving avg crossover combination for each symbol and display returns at along with it?
  5. G

    Options strike price selection

    Hello Seniors and experienced members and Gurus, I have learnt a lot from you all. Thanks for your support so far. Now, I am facing a small requirement and unable to fix it. While scanning my AFL, its returning Short or Buy of Banknifty options strike price. But, I would like to get only one...
  6. V

    orders not firing to trading platform

    hi everyone, I'm using Zerodha kite for trading and Amibroker for charts and after knowing about the algo tradind I subscribed to AutoTrader by I got an AFL from online searching and back-tested it and got very decent results in 15min chat of nifty and decided to use it for...
  7. A

    Help with AFL coding please.

    Hi guys . I started technical day trading way back in 2007 for a year or so got good returns but had to switch to regular work (business) as I completed my engineering . Now for last one year I am again spending time as I am much settled in terms of business and feel day trading improved much...
  8. P

    weekly/monthly pivot points on daily charts

    Hi, Want to plot weekly & monthly pivot points on daily charts data. Can anyone have afl for this? Regards, P
  9. G

    afl code - highest and second highest close between two dates

    hi, can any one help me to find out highest and second highest closing price between date range in amibroker ( afl coding). I truly appreciate your time and effort.
  10. M

    Need help with simple AFL query

    Hi, I have been trying to write a code which run for different parameters. The same piece of code should run but with different parameters (defined). I tried to add a loop but it didn't work. Anyone can help me out with this.
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    AFL Code required for EMA based strategy

    Can anyone plz help me with AFL code for below strategy. 1. Buy/Sell: Close on 1 min chart crosses Dialy 13 EMA price. Target: 50 Points, SL: 20 Points 3. When 1st Buy/Sell signal generated, 2nd signal should come only either SL or TGT hit. 4. If SL hit, reverse the trade - Target: 25...
  12. S

    want afl modification

    Hello I already have AFL which can explore shares crossed previous day high before 9:45 AM. I am looking for AFL modification and the changes I need is 1. Shares should not touch below previous day high on before 10:15 AM. I means shares should not retrace after they crosses previous...
  13. N

    afl help

    i am writing with high hope of getting a solution from this community at the earliest, i needed help in creation of an afl that would generate an alert when the price of a scrip reaches 99% of another indicator like kpl swing. in kpl swing indicator u will find the swing line and the price...
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    Need coding this concept into afl-please help

    Hi friends I saw this concept on MT4. I TRIED CODING IT BUT NOT COMING OK. The ma catches trend and reduces noise a lot. Can somebody help me please! ----------------------------------------------- Var mov Avg3 ================= PeriodAMA =50 ; n fast =15; n slow =10; G =1.0 ; dk = 0.10 ...
  15. J

    Need AFL Help: Previous days High Low Close

    Hi Members, Please help me remove the line of HLC in previous days charts. These Previous days High Low Close should only be visible on current days chart. Below is the AFL and I have attached an image of the chart. Thanks all. *************************************...