afl buy/sell signal

  1. D

    Need help in AFL coding

    i am new to trading and dont have much knowledge in afl - i need afl code to send buy/sell signal to nest when the target achieved. i have the afl to place the order when the buy/sell signal triggered. now i need afl code to trigger the buy/sell when it reached my given target/stop loss. i...
  2. G

    Help to code exit signal only if buy or sell generated previously.

    HellO Experts, I am new to Amibroker, I have learnt a lot from you all. I would like to thank you all for your help and support. I have one difficulty in coding the exit system in my AFL.. I kindly request everone of you here to try to fix me this. Let me post the code where I struggle...
  3. timircha

    licence amiquote and unlicensed amibroker can work on intraday

    I have purchased licensed version of amiquote and still i have unregistered amibroker, now I have some problem, so it is because of unregistered amibroker or there is some mistakes in my settings. first I can not start download I got an error, I have version of 3.23 amiquote licensed version...
  4. C

    Need afl code for the below inside bar conditions...

    Inside bar Downtrend explorer Conditions for Alert 1.Price less than ema<14 2.Occurance of Inside bar 3.Following candles price action(if any mutiple bars formed) should stay within the Inside bar pattern. ie. thier close should be within the mother candles high. 4.Price break below the...
  5. A

    AFL ERROR 31

    Got the Error 31 in BUY AND SELL function. Struggling to find the solution. Please help me to sort-out the issue. _SECTION_BEGIN("chart basic Candle stick "); SetChartOptions(0,chartShowArrows|chartShowDates); _N(Title = StrFormat("{{NAME}} - {{INTERVAL}} {{DATE}} Open %g, Hi %g, Lo %g...
  6. M

    Need help for Quantity managment.

    Hello All, I have placed the query for placing order from AFL amibroker. with the below conditions. 1) first order should be 1; 2) If any order exited by Stop loss or target (sell or cover) the quantity should be 1; 3) if the stoploss or target not hit then the queantity should be 2; way...
  7. MCXgain

    Need help in improving Non- rapainting AFL to scan stocks

    Hi, I’m working on a intraday stock scanner which is plotting the signal on previous bars in many cases(see the attached image for clarification). I would be grateful if anyone can help me modifying its behavior and plot the signal on current bar.
  8. P

    why this code not working

    Hi, Can you help me why below code not working & why? _SECTION_BEGIN("MAX Moving Avg broke"); n=0; function fun_name(C,LB ) { LB=IIf(IsNull(LB),1,LB) OR IIf(LB<=0,1,LB); R=ValueWhen(Cross(MA(C,LB),C),HHV(H,LB),1); result=IIf(C>=R,LB,0); return result; } for( i = 0; i < BarCount; i++ ) {...
  9. D

    Need Help to create buy/sell Signal

    Hello Seniors, I am new to alf coding and coding isn't my background I was try to create buy and sell Signal at (Std. Deviation Lower 4)SDL4 and (Std. Deviation upper 4) SDU4 with 3 trgts and stop loss SDL6(for buy) and SDU6(for short Sell) can anyone help me plz...
  10. I

    Simple rsi based afl

    can someone please write the code in afl with the below conditions.. A buy signal should be generated when RSI crosses above 60 RSI>60 in anytime frame, by taking the smallest possible time frame ie M1 candle close value at that instance similarly a sell signal should be generated when RSI...
  11. G

    AFL Code required for EMA based strategy

    Can anyone plz help me with AFL code for below strategy. 1. Buy/Sell: Close on 1 min chart crosses Dialy 13 EMA price. Target: 50 Points, SL: 20 Points 3. When 1st Buy/Sell signal generated, 2nd signal should come only either SL or TGT hit. 4. If SL hit, reverse the trade - Target: 25...
  12. M

    Amibroker AFL for Trading

    Hi, anyone have Amibroker AFL for Pair Trading/Arbitrage Trading to NSE Scripts
  13. S

    Experts please help to add buy/sell signal in the following AFL

    Hi AFL Experts Could anyone add buy sell signal in the following afl. I tried but could not do it. If u can please help me. FYI, Would like to see buy/sell arrow when candle touches red color bands. Thanks CY1 = Param("Short Cycle Length?" ,10, 1 ,1000 ,1 )/2; CY2 =...