afl coding

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    AFL Scanner & Exploration

    Need to combine both the codes in one with the below concept - If first candle of the day breaks previous day high or low with SP4 or SP3 or SP2 or SP1 then it should show but or sell as per the condition captured below , Also if any candle of the day having SP4 volume then then particular...
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    Automating AFL Code Execution for Daily Analysis with Custom Parameters

    I run the AFL code every day in the 'Analysis' window. I manually set parameters and fields such as 'Parameters' entries, 'From' and 'To' dates, 'Periodicity' selection, and 'Watchlist' selection. I want to minimize the need for manual input and perform these operations using AFL coding. Can...
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    Adding stoploss and target to trading system

    Hi I'm new to afl coding. I have a trading system. And i want to add stoploss and target. Code is taken from algomojo. And i also want to use algomojo smart option module over that code later. Requirement is - stoploss - when buy trade is ongoing and we are in loss and candle close below ema...
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    Need help to plot lastvalue of supertrend on candle...

    I am trying to plot lastvalue line on supertrend but it is not showing the lastvalue line on candle , so plz correct my code and help me to get lastvalue of supertrend on candle. CODE _SECTION_BEGIN("My first trading Strategy"); _N(Title = StrFormat("{{NAME}} - {{INTERVAL}} {{DATE}} Open %g...
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    AFL for Options buying using SMA crossover

    Hello Everyone, I need AFL code for following strategy for Nifty Options weekly Expiry. 1. When Nifty Futures Short SMA crosses above Long SMA buy Nifty Weekly ATM CE 2. When Nifty Futures Short SMA crosses below Long SMA buy Nifty Weekly ATM PE 3. Coding should be for intraday trades. 4. SL...
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    anyone have AFL which can find best moving avg crossover combination for each symbol ?

    anyone have AFL which can find best moving avg crossover combination for each symbol and display returns at along with it?
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    Options strike price selection

    Hello Seniors and experienced members and Gurus, I have learnt a lot from you all. Thanks for your support so far. Now, I am facing a small requirement and unable to fix it. While scanning my AFL, its returning Short or Buy of Banknifty options strike price. But, I would like to get only one...
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    Help to code exit signal only if buy or sell generated previously.

    HellO Experts, I am new to Amibroker, I have learnt a lot from you all. I would like to thank you all for your help and support. I have one difficulty in coding the exit system in my AFL.. I kindly request everone of you here to try to fix me this. Let me post the code where I struggle...
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    Looking to connect with AFL programmer (Mumbai/Ahmadabad)

    Hello, I have been getting queries on converting strategies in to AFL via my network and need someone who has expertise in this area. I am looking to get connected with AFL programmer or Meta Programmer to partner. Please PM me or connect me on interactshah at gmail dot com. Kanak
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    Need afl code for the below inside bar conditions...

    Inside bar Downtrend explorer Conditions for Alert 1.Price less than ema<14 2.Occurance of Inside bar 3.Following candles price action(if any mutiple bars formed) should stay within the Inside bar pattern. ie. thier close should be within the mother candles high. 4.Price break below the...
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    AFL required for Variable Moving Average

    Hi, I am new to AFL writing and to forum as well, i am here in hope to get support, I am working on variable Moving Average(VMA), i need help to develop AFL for the same. on crossover generating signals accordingly. can someone help.
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    AFL ERROR 31

    Got the Error 31 in BUY AND SELL function. Struggling to find the solution. Please help me to sort-out the issue. _SECTION_BEGIN("chart basic Candle stick "); SetChartOptions(0,chartShowArrows|chartShowDates); _N(Title = StrFormat("{{NAME}} - {{INTERVAL}} {{DATE}} Open %g, Hi %g, Lo %g...
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    weekly/monthly pivot points on daily charts

    Hi, Want to plot weekly & monthly pivot points on daily charts data. Can anyone have afl for this? Regards, P
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    Need help on order palce and EOD

    I have AFL which have a target and stop loss. kindly help me … first trade should start with 1 quantity. frist trade should be start with 1 Quantity. 1 quantity should exit when stop loss or taarget hit and then the quntity should be again 1; if stop_loss or target is not hit then it quantity...
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    sell cover end of trading session. need help

    Hello All, I have a problem with exit trade at EOD end of trading session 11:00 PM. I am trying the following code. tim=Param("Square off time ",230000,09000,240000); StopLevel = Param( "Stop Loss (%)", 0.06, 0.01, 10, 0.01 ); TgtLevel = Param( "Profit target (%)", 0.25, 0.01, 10, 0.01 )...
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    Fixing the first bar of the day as the first bar on Amibroker chart

    Hello, I trying to do this for a long time but have not been able to do it. I am posting this after unsuccessfully searching the internet. I want to fix the "first bar of the day" on the left hand side like the picture below and to have the new bars get added to it on the right side. So that...
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    AFL Codding Help

    I have AFL which is working fine for crude oil. out of 10 trades, 8 trades are targets hitting. I have code for place orders auto trades. the auto trade code is working fine with other AFL codes but the problem is in below algorithm the BUY and SELL Boolean value is not giving to IF condition...
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    renko chart afl with atr14 required

    Hi, Anyone have renko chart afl based on ATR14 .. not the one with manual brick size ? Regards, Paresh
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    why this code not working

    Hi, Can you help me why below code not working & why? _SECTION_BEGIN("MAX Moving Avg broke"); n=0; function fun_name(C,LB ) { LB=IIf(IsNull(LB),1,LB) OR IIf(LB<=0,1,LB); R=ValueWhen(Cross(MA(C,LB),C),HHV(H,LB),1); result=IIf(C>=R,LB,0); return result; } for( i = 0; i < BarCount; i++ ) {...
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    afl code - highest and second highest close between two dates

    hi, can any one help me to find out highest and second highest closing price between date range in amibroker ( afl coding). I truly appreciate your time and effort.