OlympTrade - Whether we can trust this broker or not?

Thanks for the information! And where do you get the data of the debt market? We're talking about bonds, right? There are no bonds in Olymp.
Analytics can be found on specialized analytical portals, for example, on investing. There using ticker you can find any asset in the search box.


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I see your predictions are quite well confirmed. Could you tell me what assets fit a beginner? Well, those that aren’t too difficult to predict.
Any asset that can be found on Olymp fits for high-frequency trading with options. The main thing is to detect a clear trend. Open all the assets in order and look for those that move well and most importantly the movement should be in a clear corridor.
I want to add. Trading by levels is good when no important news is expected. Be sure to check the economic calendar. Any news can change the trend.
I'm a newbie. If I miss the news unknowingly, how do I understand that I missed it?
Even if you are a newcomer, it’s quite easy to track the news, I have some doubts that you miss something:) You just need to go to the tab “Economics calendar” on Olymp Trade platform, where you will see the link on the calendar. And in the calendar are stated all the news of the current and next days. You just see the timetable to understand when the next news is coming out, and if it marked as important - I don’t reccomend to enter the market with new deals.
I heard that trading the news is ptofitable (I mean, you don't need to avoid them). Some people write on forums, that trading the news – is their main strategy and it’s pretty effective. What you think about that?
Yes, this is a separate trading style. Personally, I like more the trading based on levels, but somebody likes to trade the news. Indeed, these are two different styles based on different analysis types – technical and fundamental. Each of these types is good itself and can bring a good profit. And some traders even combine them, but these are real gurus. Their trading is going out of any strategies and systems (for regulars traders it can look like magic, lol). Nevertheless, these guys can make millions just in one deal.
I heard about the Binary Gambit strategy for the news trading. It was even on the Olymp Trade channel. As far as I understood, it’s strategy exactly for the options. Does anybody use it, could you share your impressions?

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