OlympTrade - Whether we can trust this broker or not?

I've read plenty of reviews about this broker, most of them were positive, I've seen some negative as well but just a few. Moreover, reasons for negativity were explained only with the fact that traders had lost their money, there wasn't a word about broker's quality. So, I would like to ask real traders working with Olymp Trade whether we can trust this broker or not?


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You should decide whether you can trust a broker or not. I for one don't completely trust any broker, no matter how good it is. As for olymp trade, it's a good binary options broker with good conditions and honest money withdrawal.
I still don't get it. Do you trade with this broker or it's just your opinion that's based on the internet reviews of the company?


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I've been working with this broker for a while now, mor than a year, that's for sure. If you are looking for tried and tested broker, this one will do the job.
I always pay attention to the regulation first, if it is there it means the company is worth doing business with. That's probaby why I haven't had a single problem doing withdrawals from this platform yet.


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Try olymp trade. I haven't been trading on olymp for long. I think this broker is very good to start with. Firstly, the minimal deposit is only 10$ and the minimal investment is 1$. You can use training material, they post analytics and forecasts. You can practise on a demo account.
Depositing and withdrawing is easy there. You can use any cards and electronic wallets. They don't actually charge commission when you withdraw. You can also participate in contests with your demo account and win real money.

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