OlympTrade - Whether we can trust this broker or not?

Ahahh, I guess I'm just used to the broker and I don't want to experience much stress about whether a new brokerage will be paying out my profits or not. To tell the truth, I've got a demo account at Olymp and I often use the platform there to compare payout rates with my brokerage. They seem to be pretty equal in regard of payouts. But I do like the layout and colors of the trading terminal at Olymp better. Not even speaking of dozens of trader's tools. Still in doubts though. My grandma used to tell me: "If something is working, don't touch it not to make worse".
As for trend indicators - I can't agree. It's rather difficult for me personally to appraise properly the trend strength and spot out the moment when reversal starts being very likely. Might be a matter of individual perception.
It really is individual. I know some people can't bear any indicators on charts. They just view them as a white noise that only complicates the chart analysis. For others it's more beneficial to rely on certain alerts that indicators provide. Seems like you belong to the second type of traders.
Don't see why you need to stay with the broker if the platform they've got does not supply you with necessary chart analysis tools?
Alligator is just one of trend analysis indicators. To tell the truth I don't see a great use in trend indicators once you trade options. I mean it's good for you to buy on the rising market and sell on the falling. It generally increases you chances to win significantly. Just a matter of probabilities. But personally I prefer identifying the trend on my own, without any indicators. Might be different for forex trading.
So would that be correct to say that indicators like Alligator can be helpful to exit open profitable positions? Like when jaws get closed, it's time to exit?
Not exactly. I mean, yes, looks like trend strength is really more important when trading forex, because you don't only have to enter position at the best price and best moment, but also exit it with max profit. So this is where trend becomes your best friend for real. But this is not correct that closed jaws mean the end of a trend. This is a common situation on a trending market that price goes with a strong trend, then starts moving in a range for a little while and then continues the same trend. IN this situation if you trade forex, it's better to wait till "jaws" open again. If they open in the opposite direction, this means that trend has changed and it's time to fix profit. But if jaws open in the same direction, you better let the profits run.
Hey man, looks like you've got some sound ideas on trading forex as well. I'd strongly advise you to reconsider your brokerage. I bet yours only allows options trading. Olymp has got both, options AND forex ;)

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