$$my forex live call and my way to become a pro$$

what do you think am i a pro

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i am also learnig forex and this is my learnig period but i think it will do no good if i keep it my self only because its a test a way to become a pro so i do not think its me to desiced and declare that i am a pro i want all of you to judge me and criti me and look for a mistake and pull my leg as much as you do but i want that to pull my leg for a reasion i am testing my system for scalpe and swing call i will post my result end of every week so let the journ begain one more thig that i have started this thread is that i want to be honest and complet my trannig before i go for real threading in forex so lets started my journy to become a forex pro so every one is welcome here to put there view and critik .:lol:


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a bit of advice .. plz try to improve English a bit. sometimes difficult to understand what you are trying to say. at-least use full stops, commas etc.. wherever needed it will help us understanding you better..

Btw you doing very good job... am also learning forex but screwing all entries and exits
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