1. vivektrader

    Tom Demark Sequential Trading Diary

    Hi Starting this new thread for registering my sequential trades. Parameters: Instruments: Scripts from Nifty 50, Index futures Long only (except Nifty and Banknifty trades which may be on short side too) Timeframe: Daily Base capital : 10 Lakhs Risk per trade : 1-1.5% of total capital Initial...
  2. sanju005ind

    Rocket Stocks for Swing and Positional

    Started this thread for sharing ideas related buy stocks for swing and positional. I will be posting my observation of the historical behavior of some the top stocks and search those characteristics in other stocks.I will be using Technical Analysis and a little bit of basic Fundamental analysis.
  3. Trikaal Capital

    NIFTY Futures & Options Positional, Algo Based

    Simple Buy Sell recommendations for Nifty futures and options for positional traders based on algorithms. It is NOT based on technical analysis as that is a subjective field. Aim is to help you with making money, not to teach you because making a robust and successful algo may need years. And...
  4. L

    Swing trading hub

    Started this for swing traders and discussion related to swing trading only. Feel free to Share your thoughts/ideas and charts related to higher timeframes. Getting together my posts which are scattered around.
  5. R

    Can u help me?

    Hi guys (do we have dolls also here )!!! I need your help to make couple of afl's in amibroker. Ping me , if u have time, patience n expertise. AND above all u must posses a kind heart and a helping hand. Yeah, i know this must be boring to old ami professional but what to do newbies...
  6. Bigbear

    Market leaders and Market's Turning points

    This thread is about my thoughts on the right way of trading the markets. The right way to trade the markets is to buy the market leaders for swing for 2-6 months or more. Its the way Jesse livermore would have traded the markets. This thread is not about trading intraday. its only about...
  7. T

    YATD: Yet another Trading Diary

    Bought [email protected] --> Delivery --> Duration : 1 week : Target : 3 to 5 % Bought UBL@652 --> Delivery --> Duration : 1 Week : Target : 3 to 5%
  8. S

    Profit Trading System Intraday and Swing!

    Yet another Intraday/swing trading system (I named as Profit Trading System aka PTS) that I found pretty useful which gives more good signals to take the position either long or short. This method has been tested by real trades in Nifty Futures and the results are great as well as very less loss...
  9. A

    NIFTY BANKNIFTY Zero to Zero Strategy

    For time being I have been looking for some strategy which requires minimal time in front of screen. I have one "Mid day break out" system which is very good; but even that I am finding difficult for its night time for me. I hope this one will turn out great for me and for every one who wants...
  10. Debarghya Mukherjee

    Intraday and Positional Calls

    My dear friends, I am starting a new thread today. Here I am going to post intraday and positional calls. Currently I am working with a new system as I said in my thread, before I post my full system I am posting my calls here. Once it goes smooth, I will post the system. I wish all of you...
  11. sumitdasjoshi

    $$my forex live call and my way to become a pro$$

    HELLO FRIENDS i am also learnig forex and this is my learnig period but i think it will do no good if i keep it my self only because its a test a way to become a pro so i do not think its me to desiced and declare that i am a pro i want all of you to judge me and criti me and look for a...
  12. D

    Nifty Swing Trading

    Lets start Nifty Swing Trading entry level for First trade is 5120. Buy above 5120 and sell below 5120, review ur level till EOD be on right side at closing time.