1. madank

    The A to Z of trading career - musings of a professional trader !!

    Dear all, Thanks for letting me open a thread here in TJ. Hope we can learn and interact with each other positively. As noted elsewhere, i will be posting one post per week (or multiple posts sometimes) and we can discuss on that post in another thread. Am known among my family...
  2. Nehal_s143

    PPK System

    Hi I had come across a website http : // which claims profit over 300% on every trade, they use following formula for trade The PPK System Here’s what that stands for: P = Pattern P = Price K = Key Pivots The Pattern is based on...
  3. B

    Introducing new iPad app for backtesting...CONFIDANT

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to share with everyone the new backtesting app I just launched for iPad called CONFIDANT. It's all about letting you customize your ideas (pattern-based) and see if those ideas could be profitable. I hope you will check it out, and find it useful and essential...
  4. K

    looking to buy a system/strategy

    Hello Friends, We all know that there are many of them outside selling their strategy. Can anyone recommend one please which can make money and has been succesfully used by you. Also, if any one has used Michael Covel's strategy, pls do share your feedback about his systems. Thanks.. Karuna
  5. A

    My Swing Trading System

    Please comment with your valuable ideas for my Trading Strategy. Trading The Markets profitably with consistant results in the long run is possible. I am using this thread to explain and share my trading with Fellow Traderji Members. Hope you will understand the Trading. Foreword: My...
  6. jallanankit

    Beat this one..!!

    Hello all.. I challenge everyone here to beat this report with the same consistency.. With God's grace I have been able to develop a fully mechanical system for BANK NIFTY futures which is averaging around 900 points in the last 6 months.. I also thank TJ for helping me develop this system...
  7. R

    Wrong thinking and trading losses.

    Excerpt from The disciplined Trader by Mark Douglas -------------------------------------------------- 1. Refusing to define a loss. 2. Not exiting a losing trade, even after you acknowledge the trades potential is greatly diminished. 3. Getting locked into a specific opinion or...
  8. S

    New Trading Software for MT4

    I have come across this free trading software, VisualRMM Interactive System. The software have some very interesting features and it's based on your own predefined Risk & Money Management rules. The system gives you in real time interactive support and warning messages, this in order to...
  9. vikrit

    Pinocchio Bar (Pin Bar) Formation & System

    In this thread will post details of pin bar formation (abbreviation Pinocchio bar formation). The term coined by Martin Pring. The source of details is google, these are my notes on topics as I studied around, I am just a student of TA, not a master, so if anybody find anything wrong or...
  10. K

    Trading with Median Lines /Andrew's pitchfork

    Hi Starting this thread to share information on the method of trading with Median Lines,also called as Andrews pitchfork.It has been called as one of the leading indicators which can be used to predict high probability price targets .Combining it with trading rules / money management the...
  11. N

    Nifty Live Crossover System

    Friends, Has anybody of you tried the nifty live crossover system? http:// www /live-cross-over-nifty-trading-system_12.html What are the good points and drawbacks of this system. It seems more of like a positional trading system. Your comments? NiftyTrader
  12. D

    How? Pick Stock from EOD data for trade without using costly software

    Its very difficult unless you have some software to pick which are the stocks which are going to move up or down in next coming days, I am a beginer, would like to know if there's any way if we can use the EOD data of the day or previous few days. to analyze which stocks are going to move up or...
  13. sumitdasjoshi

    $$my forex live call and my way to become a pro$$

    HELLO FRIENDS i am also learnig forex and this is my learnig period but i think it will do no good if i keep it my self only because its a test a way to become a pro so i do not think its me to desiced and declare that i am a pro i want all of you to judge me and criti me and look for a...
  14. sumitdasjoshi

    $$my success story and my live tread[nifty&option]$$

    hello friends and all the new bees and greenhorn how are seeking holly grail and looking for the system which is 100% full proof and which can give you unlimited welth and money which you are looking in stock market and those how think stock market is very easy just sell and buy or buy & sell...
  15. N

    Expert Advisor

    I have a system which i want to implement using Expert Advisor of MetaStock. The Expert Advisor is Giving Buy and Sell Signals. The Problem is that After 1 Buy Signal I want to Display the Corresponding Sell Signal .. In Between The Buy and Sell Signal I want to ignore other Buy...
  16. A

    System Back-Testing Help req

    Hi!, wanted to ask a few question about back-testing the system... I have collected 2yr IEOD data (of index), and i am primarily trading in NIFTY options, but cannot come to a conclusion wrt profit/loss calculation, how did you calculate it? Should I assume delta of 1 and calculate? cant seen...
  17. A

    Amibroker System Development

    Hi All, I was developing a trend following system in Amibroker and have come across several mind-numbing errors. Consider for example, this snippet TimeFrameSet(inWeekly); LongTrend=IIf(EMA(C,11)>EMA(C,22),1,0); ShortTrend=IIf(EMA(C,11)<EMA(C,22),1,0); TimeFrameRestore(); ...