Can anyone recommend reliable sources for forex news and analysis?

For reliable forex news, traders often turn to established sources known for their accuracy and comprehensive coverage. Reuters and Bloomberg provide up-to-the-minute updates on global financial markets, including forex. Financial Times offers in-depth analysis and insights into economic trends impacting currencies. CNBC is a go-to source for real-time market news and expert opinions. Forex Factory offers a dedicated platform for forex traders, featuring news, forums, and economic calendars. DailyFX, provided by IG, delivers timely analysis and educational resources for forex traders. and MarketWatch provide a wide range of financial news and analysis, including forex updates. FXStreet is known for its comprehensive coverage of forex markets, offering news, analysis, and live currency rates. Economic Calendar is a valuable resource for tracking key economic events and indicators affecting forex markets. These sources collectively offer traders a reliable stream of information to make informed decisions in the dynamic forex market landscape.