1. Scalper2top

    My intraday Trading

    I want to profit from small market movements taking advantage of a 1 min candle. I want to keep my graph as simple as possible and going to use some simple indicators. My check list 1. Gobal trend 2. BNF 3. Market depth 4. Movement first 3 candles of 15 min chart 5. First trade if in profit...
  2. gautam7821

    Trial Trading diary : Scalping

    I have opened a Zero Brokerage trading account to try scalping. My capital is 30,000 . I will stop scalping if I loose 15,000.

    Energy Scalper -->Pure Price Action

    Here I am going to update my scalping trades based on Price. No Indicators, No technical, No fundamentals, No charts, No support/ Resistance levels. Will trade only in Crude oil & Natural Gas. Capital: 1lakh Lots: 2 Lots Min Target: God Knows. Duration: 1 month No positional...
  4. madhavareddy1203

    Only NG..... Scalper Trading

    Calls only On NG. Short targets and small SL. Target 1 to 2 points. SL: 2 points. Just i will Give details about Long or Short price. U Have to Book ur self. if any calls fail Double ur qty in next call. ex: if u trade with 2 lots. if call fail in next call 4 lots. if this call also fail 8...
  5. R

    Day Trading

    Hello Everybody, I am a Day Trader. I have experience in trading stocks, futures and options. Have experienced Rmoney, India Bulls and India Infoline. Have come out with nothing after two years of trading activity only to find out that I was not trading for my benefit but for the benefit of...
  6. K

    Another Desi trader

    Hey everyone? hows going ? I'm pro scalper and daytrader and I was just looking for how traders trade the markets in India.I was searching online and stumbled upon this forum and thought I should join and say hi.I don't trade Indian markets but it's always good to see fellow desi traders from...
  7. P

    which stocks are good for intraday scalping ?

    I would like to know some stocks with high volume & average /less volatility, which can be used to scalp , my objective is to scalp high volume of stocks as soon as 5 , 10 paisa can be made . Also guide me on any other scalping thread on this forum ?
  8. sumitdasjoshi

    $$my forex live call and my way to become a pro$$

    HELLO FRIENDS i am also learnig forex and this is my learnig period but i think it will do no good if i keep it my self only because its a test a way to become a pro so i do not think its me to desiced and declare that i am a pro i want all of you to judge me and criti me and look for a...