Intraday trading vs long term investment

Day traders must invest at least 2-3 hours per day. However, long-term investors need to spend a lot of time researching companies. Day traders close their positions on the same day, so they monitor the daily movement of stock prices.
The point that matters is how good of a skilled trader you are to make successful trades over time whether intraday or long term. Your approach and mindset and how you execute the process is what makes a difference in reaching a set desired profit goal.
Be it trading or investing, you will get results only if you can make use of the market movements best to your advantage. I have been trading for a long time and have been making decent income while my friend invests for a long-term. Before you perceive anything about the market, gather information to find a strong basis.
Before you invest, scan the market place and find the opportunity you want to take on, analyse it and rethink if the strategy will match it. To gain experience and improve skills, short term trading is good. If you want to stay in the market long term and not worry yourself constantly checking the trades then, long term. It depends on the approach you enter the market with.
Both have their own benefits, traders need to figure out their plan ahead of the process to avoid getting confused later on. Long term trading is good because traders get time to evaluate the market until they pull out or sell. Overall, try out both if you need to and figure out what works best!
I don’t think there is any comparison between long term investments and short term trading strategies. It is up to the trader to decide what he can do better and what he can keep up with. If your pocket allows, you can do both as well. But you will have to dedicate a huge amount of time to this.
Both can be profitable, depending on how you decide to approach the market zone and your plan that you’ve created. Long term investments, according to me, are better. Risk is part of both, so you have to assess the market and make moves depending on what would benefit you currently.
Both intraday trading and long term trading can be profitable if you know the right methods and skills to carry it out successfully. However, I will say that, go for the technique that suits your personal goals, objectives, and methods. Also, choose intraday trading if you can donate a significant amount of your time in a day (when the market is open). If you are someone who is doing a 9-5 job, long term trading is the better option for you. Because time is of essence when you trade. Only by giving proper time can you research and analyse the market conditions well, and make good trading decisions.
Long term investment does not give regular profits as the goal is making money in the long term. Intraday trading is done for making quick profits taking advantage of the short term trends and volatility in the stock market. Both are profitable in their own time frame and you should be choosing the one which suits your financial goals.
I would say long term investment is more for the future while intraday trading is about making quick profits in the present moment. Both are entirely different and cannot be really compared in terms of profitability. Intraday trading does require more skills and work to begin with. A skilled day trader will be earning well on a regular basis. An investor has to wait for a longer duration and ignore the small profits for future returns.