Intraday trading vs long term investment

which one is more profitable intraday trading or long term investment in share market?
Both have pros and cons , it depends what want to choose . A trader can do intraday as well as investment in stock market .
Simply , If can handle the noise in intraday then go for it . If not , positional and swing trading are also profitable .
If you can trade daily without taking stress from daily movements, you can consider intraday trading. However, if you don’t want stress from daily movements, you should consider long-term trading. Intraday trading requires taking quick decisions, while long-term trading requires patience. But both require discipline and emotional control.
The choice is yours, anyway.
If you can keep patience to see your money growing, investment can be a good option for you. But if you are someone like me, who wants to get results quickly after trade execution, intraday trading would be a great strategy for you.
If you can do both, you will have money at all levels in your life. For short-term gains, intraday trading would be a great option and to let your money grow, long term investment would be a great option.
I don’t think we can really compare day trading with long term investment. It is quite clear that an investor will make more in the long run based on the amount of capital they have. But consistently profitable intraday traders can also earn well over time.
Both intraday trading and long-term investment also differ w.r.t the analysis done. Intraday traders rely on technical analysis for making trading decisions. Whereas, long-term investment relies on studying the fundamentals like company’s financial statements, competition, and the market sector.
Both the segments of stock market are highly challenging .
Intraday demands for quickly decision making mindset to handle the noise which can be really very stressful .
Investing is full-fledged game of patience which is not easy for everyone and it also can end up with losses if not invested in right one .
Both have pros and cons.
That would not be a fair comparison. Intraday trading was introduced so that more people will enter the stock market to make profits on a daily basis. And everyone does not have enough capital to be an investor. And intraday trading is not ideal for everyone. It is a tricky strategy. Both can be profitable for those who have proper knowledge and a profitable plan to work with.