Intraday trading vs long term investment

When you invest in stocks for the long-term, it primarily means that you hold on to the investment for a longer period of time, probably between three to five years or more. In comparison, intraday trading means that you square off all your positions before the end of trading hours on the same day.


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In my understanding as per income tax
1) Intra day equity is speculative
2) delivery stock trades up to 364 days is Short Term Capaital Gains
3) Beyond 365 days is LTCG.
The most profitable is your knowledge and analysis. If you know these two you can earn in any trading. Short term is a little more profitable though.
Long term investments are much more profitable than intraday. You get good money on your investments and you are away from risking your money. Long term investments are safe if done at the right places.