Intraday Trading for a Living!

So, for those of you who are starting to Trade, my only piece of advice is that:
  • Trading is not easy.
  • Trading is just like open heart surgery
  • With whatever tools and books, you may find, at the end of the day, you have learn all by yourself and find a system that suits you.
  • Stock market will take 5 years to make real money.
  • There is no shortcut to trading.
  • Cannot learn through Paper trading.
  • Learning to trade can only be done by losing money: There is only one way and that is we have to learn the hard way by losing (investing) in the market.
  • Trading is not about techniques or Tools or software. It is about the mind.
  • Trading is dangerous mine: Keep sharing so that the freshers who are sucked into this dangerous mine do not one day take wrong decision in their life.
  • Trading is wrong way of livelihood if not done properly it will end your life.
  • Stock Market is a Jungle, where there is no clear path. You will have to find a path to your success.
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If you are a BO trader & you see a breakout - Enter

If you are a pullback trader & you see a pullback trade - Enter

Trade what you see on the chart & not what you fear may happen. Just manage your risk all the time and keep things simple!
Don't ask what moving average you should use,test it

Don't ask for a stock tip,create your own selection process.

Don't ask where to start trading, do research.

Don't ask what is the best book, read them.

Lazy people will never be successful.

STOP asking and START doing.
Risk signifies both danger and opportunity.

As a trader, you want to have a plan and act in a way so that you can benefit from risk as opposed to getting hurt and damaged by it.
Dont waste your time in finding answer for false breakout.

False breakout is just part of trading. What u need to ensure when breakout failed you pay 3% max loss to market. & when breakout success, we should try at least 10-12%.
I never be on this side that day trading is for living, you never know when things can take a turn. Keep trading as a secondary and find some good source of regular income that supports your trading and other things also.