Intraday trading vs long term investment

I believe long term trading is the best option for you. In long-term trading strategy, you have a chance to cover your losses. The decision is entirely upto you. Ypu can try both the trading styles and see which style suits you. But i would go with long-term trading strategy.


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I am going to say another part. No theory... just practicals.
From my experience, Intraday is more returnable than investments ,as it gives huge returns in short amount of time. But its way too risky too.
Reason 1 being, as a beginner , you can only learn from your mistakes and by that time your initial investment would be long gone.
Reason 2, Intraday trading is mind game also. When we trade the market for huge money, The market will play with your emotions and discipline in return!!. If you can't handle it well,you might end up loosing all money and quit trading or worse.
Intraday trading requires lots of efforts and concentrations thus giving much higher profit, not to forget that it is very risky as compared to long term investment. I believe you have heard enough about this universal truth, more risk leads to more profit. I totally agree with others that it's entirely upto your lifestyle, attitude and passion as well. Without passion or proper behavior, it's not surprise that most trades will go against your favor. I hope you take a wise decision.


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long term investing has a great edge compared to day trading.
In long term investing we take long only trades. Our maximum risk is capped at 100 points Nifty ie Nifty can crash a maximum of upto 100 points. Hence your downward risk is capped whereas upper limit is not capped. Nifty can go upto 100000 or upwards there is no cap. But the oscillations between highs and lows need to withstand without fear or time limits. You can easily average with each dip in Nifty. Have you ever seen nifty trading at 100 where Nifty started inspite of big crashes in the market. It will never....the managers of Nifty index make sure by removing some weak scrips from index and adding some strong scrips to the index. Our big headache is over there.
Both can be equally profitable. Here the difference -
Intraday can get you "x" amount in returns in a single day VS. Investing will easily take a few years. The catch: Intraday is 10X the risk, compared to good old investing. But the lure of quick returns stay. In terms of reward, your question should be, do I have the risk appetite for Intraday- 0/10 vs 12/10. If you're 15 you can learn Intraday methods. Otherwise, you should stick with Investing which is what one of the richest dudes in the world, Warren Buffet does.
Long-term investment is easier and does not take much time. Intraday trading for experienced traders with capital. You can't work if you trade all day. Profit from trading should provide you with a living.


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Volatility of returns increase the shorter timespan of trades you pick because volatility is higher in shorter timeframes, so basically your trading should correspond to price characteristics. I try to avoid volatility in price and returns, trading only during calm trades with Hotforex
If you are making nice profits on daily trading than stick to it. Long term trading requires specific knowledge from fundamental analysis and long-term market analysis. If you are not sure about them, than try trading long term on demo account and see how it goes. There is no rule
As everyone rightly said;
Intraday is more for quick profits where you enter and exit the market fast whereas long term investment is when one can study the market or a particular stock, spend some time on it, check the history of the company and then invest in it.

I don't think anyone does more than cursory research of a stock name before entering into the trade.
I would prefer long term investment as it has fewer chances of disappearing with my money.

So unless you have access to business information about the stocks' movements, you should stick to long term investments
I am a long-term trader and I think it is the best way to deal with the forex market. You cannot get profit on a short-term base as most of the indicators do not hold their strength on the short-term. Shprt-term trading is also known as scalping and it is dangerous for new traders.

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