best broker for intraday trading


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Plz suggest a broker with low brokerage and a good trading platform.
What type of assets are you planning or trade or which markets you want to gain access to? It depends a lot on a traders' choice what he needs. Finvasia is great choice however if you want to trade international markets currency and stock CFD is often cheaper than what local broker offers. This is due to taxes and transaction costs. An example of international broker is Hotforex or Tickmill


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sas is better than other discount brokers even better than zerodha..
staright forward...:)
1) what is not "staright forward " in zerodha according to you?

2)Mind you I have very poor opinion of zerodha's customer service. but their automated systems are the best in business. In more than 1 year I have never called zerodha.& 7.55am I send RTGS. 7.59am Zerodha sms +email= funds added even before my banks sends a RTGS debit. But Sale proceedings they credit only on T+2 after 11.59pm (more like 00.45am on T+3) .But Cut off time with drawl is 8.30pm !! so you can not place a withdrawl request on T+2. but you can place on T+3 by 1am. you will get funds on T+3 (same day ) mostly by evening in to your bank .(minor irritation)

3) for delivery CNC stock trading zerodha is the best . No commision .
Their CDSL authorasation for non POA customers is the best in the business .
8AM (amo) you can place a single CNC Limit sell order (CDSL tpin+otp) -voila all your holdings are authorised for the day (blanket authorisation)

4) For option spread/weekly BN/N option selling (if options are your bread & butter ) ,
Zerodha is un fit due to restictions on strike.Look elsewhere.

5) I dont like zerodha;s ₹50+tax for auto closer of MIS buy/sells + not sending a contract note for CDSL charges + quarterly charges ( It is in zerodha web site of course& ofcourse we see all charges in quarterly settlement )

6) Zerodha's Quicko compatible Tax PNL is easy to use ( I can only compare with my 2nd brokerage account Finvasia where Tax PNL in zerodha like format does not exist . They send just global staements & we have to figure it out)
I have no intention to open any more brokerage account in say kotak,icici,sas, upstox etc etc

6) I do use Finvasia for intra day trading of stocks & micro counters of commodity & currency
due to Finvasia's free intraday commision (intra day easy to break even (only taxes ) & keep collecting some pennies in small lots)
though their trading app is difficult to use ,un stable & non existant charting.
Earlier Finvasia did not have CDSL pop out. Now since end Feb they have though it is not as smooth & easy like zerodha's.
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one thing about desktop softwares from mainly discount brokers. suppose any one have account in zerodha and upstox or tradesmart etc. as tradesmart online's main software is dartstock but issue is u can not install trade lab,s pi and dartstock in one system. both wud be installed ok but tradelab's pi , chart wud NOT open due to some software conflict

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