Incisive Nifty Trend Analysis

I am basically interested in cashing in a little, if possible, every month. My goal is to get a return on my investment in the range of 25-30% annualised. With this aim, what could be your suggestion? I trade in small lots, both infutures as well as options. I am pesently trading with bearish trend in mind but presently in loss past 5269 in August futures. Any technical indicators to help me whther I should stay put or exit?

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Cut your losses. I presume you are short on NIFTY at 5269. What is your loss appetite? If you don't care and can afford to lose trade then keep this position else, square off on dip. For next trading session, use a dip to 5382 to square off.


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Expect the selling to intensify below yesterday's low of 19988. We need to watch the next few sessions to see if this is just a correction or a reversal. In our own market, at this juncture , if the rally fails , the ensuing correction can be sharp. Please trade with stoplosses.

prada hangseng index fell more than 1% as u said earlier.


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Closed long positions at spot 5430. Opened up tentative shorts with a stoploss at 5450(spot). Bank nifty shorted with stop at 10555(spot)

I feel it is time to start booking profits in nifty on a rally from here. If one is long, then we can have a trailing stoploss at 5347 and close the positions around 5430-5450. If one is having a close watch on the volumes in SP 500, it is moving higher on pitiable volumes which indicates we are losing steam. Markets cannot move higher on hopes alone. Trend reversal is on the cards and it is better to stay on the sidelines with sufficient cash and margin. It is a matter of time before we plunge into the market decisively. Market updates will be posted regularly to help you'll take suitable positions.

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If my post is related to a general topic based on nifty analysis, levels will be spot only. If it is related to a trade, then I will clearly mention 'spot'. Anyways here on all my levels will be spot only.

Sorry for the silly question. Are all your levels always on spot basis? Thanks & regards.


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Good morning Nandamad. Since it has gone that far, we might as well take the risk of another 5 points. We need to keep a close eye on spot nifty 5450 level and map other trades accordingly. I am quite tempted to close the shorts as well but it all depends on spot nifty.

Sir is it time to close shorts? Bank spot once touched 10550

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