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  • Hi Karthik, This is Ashok from Chennai. i am a new learner and interested to be a trader. could you shape me to become better. i need your support in online and offline also. could u share your contact number or mail id or shall i give mine. awaiting for your reply.
    Dear Mr.Karthik_sri, please give clarification about 'C' condition with example.
    a). The 5 min candle should be above 110 EMA. b). CCI should be > 100. We consider CCI reading only for ENTRY not for EXIT. This CCI will act as a FILTER to avoid false Traps c). A 0.10% filter on the High price
    Please give your number. I will call you.
    Hi AK78...I am doing positional trading and its a mixture of MA (Moving Average), Candle Pattern and Volume combination...
    I will zip and mail you the Metastock Data in Metastock format itself...just give me a hour i will try to help you

    I need Metastock data right since inception...If its in NSE bhavcopy format it would be better...somebody had forwarded me 5 years of data updated till yesterday but i require the old data too...

    [email protected]
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