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Shoonya screener is Faltu ... thats 15 min of my life i am neevr getting back
today got email to try i tried .. now i am searching how do i unsubcribe lol

today i decided to test it and it was so faltu

its a screener when u can put custom string and it searches
like say if i want to find daily high of all stock listed in bse ipo index then it should search that and display result

Or stock whose profit is double in this quarter i must be able to specify condition in search

your shit pre preprogrammed ikf is useless if it was affective you would have already beated Ambani so it donot work u know it i know it too
for your falu Ai screener no one will pay u 800 700 a month .. atleast i am not ... i will not use it even if u pay me 400 a month.
bring me feature i requested i be frst to pay u 1000 a month :xD

if u really wanna earn .. make ai your faltu free and bring R.s 10 per order u will make a lot Keeping AMC zero

Now tell me how do i unsubcribe from it or u gone a charge me 900 at end of month for this piece of shit
There is no unsubscribe button Add that first of first ....
Hi @Vmaster369! You can share your feedback by raising a ticket under "Others" from the Prism portal. Furthermore, we are currently offering a free one-month trial period only; after that, if you want the subscription then you will have to pay charges for it. For any further queries please reach out to our support. Regards


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ceo of finvasia is all fired up today .. good to see ^^
and my honest opinion still stand .. No one is gone a use that screener and its not even worth it ty
Innovate something thats useful and charge we will buy it

like custom search to find all 4 weekly high scrip or to find company whose quater result is double or something like that custom search but easier to search
i know exists but hard to use na need simpler version

and always use imps or rtgs to transfer funds ... upi money gets stuck for 2 days if fail...mine failed once had to wait 2 days then razorpay refunded. razor pay are worst.


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Dear Customers,
Please be informed due to a technical issue at Data Centre the Shoonya app and platform is not working. Our team is working on same and will notify once it’s resolved.
Inconvenience regretted!


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Dear Clients,

You can continue trading as usual as the issue with Shoonya platform is resolved. #PleaseNote that AMO orders were cancelled, so kindly request you to check your AMO order status accordingly.

Inconvenience regretted!
I tried to login to and it uses prism login credentials but I can login to prism but can not login to
Getting this error
An Internal Error Has Occurred.
Error: An Internal Error Has Occurred.

All uses have same error?