After Finvasia , which broker is cost effective brokerage ?


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why go after when u already know whats best in brokerage industry.
do note finvasia is not just broker they are self Clearing member
So kind a safe to have account in clearning member rather then any dsicount broker .

just remember in sebi eyes upto 5 lakhs it;s super safe
and beyond 5 lakhs to 25 lakhs u are insured but requires ca stamp and all in case broker goes bust
I don’t think there is another broker that offers the same way that Finvasia has. The next close thing is probably TradePlus Online which offers Rs 99 for unlimited trading.
You can check tradeplus, kotak fit, samco. But they’ll all make you buy unnecessary plans, which will no doubt help you skip brokerage but if overall cost is involved, they are definitely still higher than finvasia.

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