Can we make money in a bearish market

Its a general rule that if we want to make money then invest in a bullish market but is it possible to make money on a bearish market too. For example In 2008 indian market collapsed; can any one make money in that market (theoretically)? If so with what strategies
fastest money is made in bear market. they say bull makes money Bear makes money
only pigs gets slaughter coz bull and bear is same person Bald guy ^^


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Hello Mutualguru,
Looks like you are absolute newbie in stock market.Warm Welcome.
I just found out that you have almost 11 threads.IF I were you,I'd have opened a single thread and would have asked all the queries step by step.It will save your time and easier for the seniors to reply all of your queries.

Hope,you'd take it positively.
Hi eku,
Yes you are right I am a newbie. I am tying to learn my self TA trading but in some point of my learning i get curious about some problem or doubts and I ask those questions here. It may be like this; I will get a doubt now and another few days after thats why I am starting new threads for my doubts and not intentionally and thanks for your advice