trading basics

  1. R

    New to Trading - doubt about tax/charges for Leverage provided by Stock brokers

    Hi All I am new to Stock market and Day Trading.I have a very basic Question . As we know Stock brokers are giving 20 X ,10 X Leverage to buy more stocks based on capital amount we have in Equity Day Trading (MIS) My Doubt is , do we need to pay any Tax to government /charges for that...
  2. A

    Trading Basics (free pdf)

    Hi friends, it's been long time here and traderji is the place where the best traders hangout! I want to share you a PDF about trading basics which I added some topics over time. There is a free pdf and please take time to read it, thank you...
  3. rip07

    Laid back type of trading

    Life is pretty simple so the trading but both are not easy to execute in a fashion to get out maximum of yourself. Here, I will try sharing those trading steps which might make easier our trading journey. Fellow members also can contribute. It will serve the purpose of thread, 'sharing while...
  4. M

    Can we make money in a bearish market

    Its a general rule that if we want to make money then invest in a bullish market but is it possible to make money on a bearish market too. For example In 2008 indian market collapsed; can any one make money in that market (theoretically)? If so with what strategies
  5. N

    At what gain percentage should we sell a stock (day, swing trading)

    As the question suggest for swing or day trading at what percentage of profit should we sell the stocks to make it profitable? whether its 2%, 20% or 50% of gain. (please conside SBI trading platform and its charge and the initial buying share price is 200 rupees).
  6. R

    Safest of Safe Trade !!

    Hi, Which is the safest trading strategy, giving micro returns daily or monthly. Not being too risky. Any expert tips and suggestion would be very help full. Thanks, Rahul
  7. Srikanth.Haritsya

    What do you see in Moon? (Trading Systems!)

    Warning: If you are in hurry and landed in here seeking another thread discussing about fancy indicators and software systems, the thread is not for you. No such tool will be discussed in here. What you can expect: Elementary studies on Forex trading, different approaches, why and how...
  8. E

    A ver basic question on costs related to trading

    Hey all, I have been following the markets since few months and recently want to start trading. But, before that I am trying to build up an Excel model for myself for which I need to know some points. One of the things that I want to know is what all sort of costs are related to trading...