Fraud telegram channel MONEY INVESTMENT Beware


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Hello everyone. I lost money in a telegram channel which promised to give a return on my investment. Please beware of this channel. I complained to cybercrime as well and they are investigating.
Initially they said invest 5000 and we will give you 15000. So i transferred 5000 by Google pay to the UPI id ayushsharma-2@ybl. Then the dude comes back and says 5k slots are full send 3k and we will put you in for 8k and you will get 25000. So like an idiot i transfer another 3k. Next day this guy who communicates on WhatsApp using the number +91 92169 41803 says that the returns came out to be Rs 39420 including 8623.12 GST. He sent an invoice which showed these details. The company name on the invoice was Bitcoin trading company, 14 Badarpur border, Delhi, Delhi. Like an idiot i transferred 8000 and then another 623.12 and he says since i transferred separately i need to do it again and that the amounts i paid earlier will be included in my payment back to me. So i transferred another 8623.12 and sent him the confirmation. Now he says i need to pay filling charges. I said the extra GST i paid can be considered for the filing charges. He says it can't be done. I have to pay the full filling charges which was another 9380. By now some sense prevailed and i decided not to pay but to file a complaint with cybercrime.
Immediately after i warned him he changed his telegram channel cover image and he blocked me from the channel. His channel name is MONEY INVESTMENT. I have posted pics of his telegram channel here and he might change the image and the name or whatever after he sees this post. So you can kind of guess that it is him based on the number of subscribers he has. As of now he has 54227 members.
Please don't get dragged into his net. He is a fraud cheating people of his money. He shared some pics of payments he claimed he made to other people which i seriously doubt. I am posting everything i have about him so you can be careful and cautious.
I will keep updating this post as and when i have some news. But please don't loose your hard earned money to scammers like this low life who i consider lower than an amoeba.
Hope this helps at least one person and saves him or her or any others from losing their money.

Unable to upload images of this channel. Hence posting the link to quora where i posted this message with images.