1. N

    Survey on “Investors’ Behaviour and strategies in Stock Market in Bull and Bear Phase

    Greetings! I am pursuing PhD in the area of “Investors’ Behaviour and strategies in in Bull and Bear Phases of Stock Market: and would like your precious opinion on the same. Kindly spare few minutes to fill the questionnaire: http://goo.gl/forms/Wm5WSFcFkR Your kind cooperation is...
  2. M

    Can we make money in a bearish market

    Its a general rule that if we want to make money then invest in a bullish market but is it possible to make money on a bearish market too. For example In 2008 indian market collapsed; can any one make money in that market (theoretically)? If so with what strategies
  3. intellibitz

    Bull Zone, Bear Zone & The Pig Zone

    Hello Traderjis, I would like to start a new thread here that can be updated by anyone on anyday during market hours only. Please update your feelings for the current market of the minute by saying one of the following. 1. Bull Zone - upside. 2. Bear Zone - downside. 3. Pig Zone -...
  4. P

    PAISAEQ - Nifty Analysis

    Dear Friends, My name is Sandy, my analysis usually is biased towards technical analysis. I believe it works the best for me. In this thread I will utilize few technical tools in my arsenal to see its effectiveness in analyzing the Indian stock market. My primary focus will be NIFTY...
  5. V

    utility of technical analysis

    I have read a lot on technical analysis. I am small investor investing for short time about a month to 3 months to get very moderate profit of 7-10%. I base my decision mainly on MACD divergence and simple chart patterns. I succeed sometimes and sometimes I fail. Now does not technical...
  6. NiftyFantasy

    Bull, Bear Or Gadha

    Dear Members, I want to know that what do you think about the present market situations, Is it bull or bear or otherwise a third category initiated here is GADHA. I personally believe that this is really a GADHA market, now we are seeing market is going up without any specific reason, no one...