bear market

  1. J

    How to trade in crash markets

    Hey forum, this is my first post and currently I am mostly learning in the trading space (only traded to try it out). I set aside money to start trading and now the crash has come and I do not dare to touch the market. I wonder: What do you do in such a crash market? I find it hard to...
  2. P

    How to identify a stock for short selling ?

    If you can share please tell your tips and tricks for identifying a stock for shorting. Please list here. When markets are bearish, this list can be a useful guide.
  3. DayTrader007

    2016 Bear Phase...CNBC Latest Report

    Additional Data to my thread 8 Years Bear Cycle....CNBC Latest Reports
  4. DayTrader007

    Market 8 Years Cycle..History Repeats..2016 Bear Phase?..Must Read

    I don’t want to Talk More… Let the Facts Talk. Today’s Breaking News BSE Sensex closes at over 1.5 year low BSE Sensex Down 1500 points in first 10 Days of 2016 What's going on dudes...Lets check Stock Market enter in Bear Phase after every 8 years..1992, 2000, 2008….and Now...
  5. N

    Survey on “Investors’ Behaviour and strategies in Stock Market in Bull and Bear Phase

    Greetings! I am pursuing PhD in the area of “Investors’ Behaviour and strategies in in Bull and Bear Phases of Stock Market: and would like your precious opinion on the same. Kindly spare few minutes to fill the questionnaire: Your kind cooperation is...
  6. M

    Can we make money in a bearish market

    Its a general rule that if we want to make money then invest in a bullish market but is it possible to make money on a bearish market too. For example In 2008 indian market collapsed; can any one make money in that market (theoretically)? If so with what strategies
  7. A

    How we can do Economic Analysis of stock market?

    How we can do economic analysis of stock market?
  8. R

    Chinese Bear Market! Did we hear it right?

    I am writing on this forum after a loooong time, but I hope to be more frequent. TODAY, instead of the levels and targets and stops, lets talk about the Financial Markets from a different and broader perspective. Bloomberg is 'shouting' of the onset of the Chinese Bear Market. In fact...