Money management

In my opinion, money management in trading is the strategic handling and allocation of capital to minimize risk and maximize returns.
Money management in trading involves establishing and maintaining a predetermined risk (usually a few percent of total capital) for each trade and diversifying investments to protect against significant losses.
Effective money management in trading entails establishing explicit risk parameters, diversifying investments, and utilising stop-loss orders to reduce potential losses.
In trading, efficient money management entails setting risk limits, diversifying investments, and employing stop-loss orders to protect cash, with the ultimate goal of responsibly preserving and growing funds.
Money management is a vital part in trading and tell me how do you do so?
To manage your money well in trading, start by deciding how much you can afford to trade with and limit how much you risk on each trade. Diversify your investments, use stop-loss orders to protect against losses, and stay calm to make smart decisions.

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