Best tool for quick scalping ?

I am an intermediate trader who's more into naked option buying (with fixed quality at a time) based on quick scalping that lasts anywhere from few seconds to 1-2 minutes at max. On almost every broker's web portal it shows accumulated p&l wrt strike price, for instance if I have taken 3 trades in Banknifty @39000PE strike price and enter trade for 4th time @same strike price then it will show accumulated p&l of all 4 trades against that same strike price instead of showing separate p&l for 4th order. I opened account with kotak to save brokerage n to make use of their nest trader software (it's hell lot better than placing order via broker's website) but even in nest when I check their "admin positions" window it shows same accumulated p&l wrt strike price. Is there any way I can tweak settings in nest trader so that it will show live p&l for that specific open position rather than total accumulated p&l for the same strike price ?? I am ready try out any new software or platform which shows live p&l wrt open position at that time than total accumulated one.


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so that it will show live p&l for that specific open position
You cant tweak Nest, though it is possible to do so by injecting in web browser.

for the sake of answering you should learn to at least do this mentally for one position.
if you cant, stick a chart.

1pt = 25 . . . 2 lotx1pt=50 3 lotx1pt = 75
10=250 . . . 2x10= 500 . . . 3x10 = 750
and so on.