1. A

    1L Per Month

    Hi, I am tracking most of you anonymously and found out that most of you are doing some part time job.:cool::thumb: Also,there are many traders like me who are in a loosing-making-loosing phase.:annoyed::mad::( So,my query is-How many of you are making atleast around 1L per month on average...
  2. M

    How much risk is involved Forex trading?

    How much risk is involved Forex trading. How to overcome the risk involved in forex trading. Share your tips and tricks to successful earn from forex.
  3. A

    Do You Trust Your Broker ?

    Most at times we get told to find or only trade with reliable and brokers, How long have you been trading with your broker and do you trust them enough to invest more money in them?
  4. A

    Regulated Vs Unregulated Brokers

    Hello, I would like this thread to be a debate. Are regulated brokers really better than Unregulated Brokers? If you say Yes, please state your reason. If you say No, State your reason as well. What advantage does regulated brokers have towards unregulated brokers?
  5. K

    Knowin When To Use Your Trading Strategy

    Many traders struggle with the decision of using one strategy all the time . The real situation lies in knowing how to differentiate the present market condition you are trading in for an instance A moving average based system may work very well in a trending market but fail in a range bound...
  6. H

    Price Action Trading ... Art and The Science

    All of us know that Price is The King and all the indicators follow the king. This thread is an Attempt to decipher Price Action, bit by bit, from the very basics to highly advanced strategies.
  7. W

    What is forex?

    FOREX — the foreign exchange market or currency market or Forex is the market where one currency is traded for another. It is one of the largest markets in the world. Some of the participants in this market are simply seeking to exchange a foreign currency for their own, like multinational...
  8. A

    Today Market

    What about today Market startegy Gain or Loss
  9. A

    Predict the market

    This was actually a reply I typed to a thread about USDINR which was basically an opinion of what a trader thinks the market will do where he gave his analysis and asks for an opinion. But I thought rather than mention the post and get into a squabble with some member who will tell me how many...
  10. S

    A trader must practice Yoga

    A trader should practice Yoga! Yoga means the union with the univ ersal force or energy.Your inner core is built up with that single force.It is that force you are spending for every day as thought energy ,physical energy and even for the sexual activities. You are spending that energy and...
  11. L

    USDJPY daily analysis

    The USDJPY acted according last week slowly gaining distance from the 100.80 support. The bulls a reeving to hitting 103.0 and beyond. Today there is a clean bullish setup which we have been presented with. Prices are above the 20 SMA, the MACD trades to the upside and we are also above the...
  12. S

    a request all member

    hi to all member i was looking for a system which was created by EDWARD sir called The Lazy boy if any old member having that rar file pls upload it i will be very tankfull
  13. N

    Forex positional call

    Friends i am just creating a new thread for commodity positional calls.i am not trading in commodity.i trade in equity only. Rules of this thread. Rule 1: No sl needed rule 2: Need min 3 lot or multiple of 3 lot money for trade rule 3: Average it when i am doing it rule 4: Book...
  14. kurnia_toys

    why do most trader always make same mistake?

    Losing in forex trading is daily routine activity for newbie.. They do not know that they do same mistakes in each trade. why do most trader always make same mistake?
  15. V

    which news to follow trade in eur/usd

    i want to know about if anybody have briliant and experience answer which most imp news to follow to trade in eur/usd when it release
  16. Mr.G

    Is the forex market best for pattern trading?

    I have read on multiple sources that patterns are highly successful in forex markets due to their speculative nature and immunes to manipulation.
  17. Tamil trader

    How to Start Crude oil Trading in Foreign Market?

    Dear friends, I have seen many websites giving demo account with bonus amount, and real account with bonus to trade in foreign exchange. All are online brokers only? Are they reliable? I want to start with 100 $ to 250 $ first. Which broker is best? I saw some brokers, like...
  18. infor


    how to start trading:clap:
  19. T

    Trading in Forex

    Hello, I'm interested in forex trading, can anyone tell me which broker provides service. i want to trade in INR currency, plase tell who is genuine provider.
  20. L

    Binary options from FrontStocks?

    Hi guys I'm interested in binary options trading and currently have a demo account on frontstocks platform. But before opening a real account want to ask does somebody know this broker? As I noticed they are kinda new on market and I can't find much information about them.